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Meet a 24-Year-Old Who Travels a World While Running a $70000-A-Month Business

Two years after operative for large multinational companies, afterwards 21-year-old Aileen Adalid from a Philippines motionless to quit a corporate rodent competition to turn a “digital nomad”. Today, she gets to transport a universe while vital a tolerable transport lifestyle and earning $5,000 per month by her online ventures.


In an talk with Business Insider, Adalid suggested that she quit her entry-level, $300-a-month pursuit during Deutsche Bank in 2013 and used her $600 assets to try out divided from a proportions of bureau buildings.

As a budding traveler, she took online freelance jobs and used her somewhat aloft gain to revisit places she had always wanted to see.


“My compensate during this indicate was some-more than double of what we warranted during my bureau pursuit and we was means to control my time some-more for operative as we started to transport around more,” she said.

In 2014, Adalid relocated to Belgium and started an online sell business with her crony by Amazon called Adalid Gear, a health and outside accessories company. The code has successfully taken off in Western markets with sales reaching $70,000 a month.

“Is it protected to transport to Brussels?” we get this summary a lot recently… and my answer will always be a resounding “YES”. Belgium has turn my 2nd home and I’ve been vital here for roughly 2 years now. Despite new hapless events, it’s still positively excellent to revisit and transport to this country. DON’T cancel your skeleton — COME. The city will acquire we as it always has in a past. As they say: “Life goes on.” Besides, if we change a transport skeleton and remove a ‘wanderlust’ each time a terrorists strike, afterwards they would have won by and through… and remember this: we shouldn’t let them win. Just stay transport intelligent like we always do when we travel, and it should be fine. The risks are still low. After all, Brussels’ beauty is something that we shouldn’t miss, so go and book that ticket! ***…Is it your 1st time to revisit here? If so, since not cruise a Brussels Walking Tour by Global Enterprises? we recently assimilated one of their tours and it has been amazing! Come review my blog to see since [link in bio]

A print posted by Aileen Adalid (@i_am_aileen) on May 3, 2016 during 4:04pm PDT

She also now runs her widely followed I Am Aileen transport and lifestyle blog. She now ranks as one of a world’s tip 50 transport bloggers. With her newfound influence, she gets to suffer perks from companies and hotels who wish her endorsement. She stated, however, that she does not accept all she is offering for giveaway since she prefers her blog to “remain authentic, personalized, and uncluttered”. 

Recalling a extraordinary time that we spent in Innsbruck, Austria 💕 Thank we to Adler’s Hotel for sponsoring a stay! #AileenInAustria

A print posted by Aileen Adalid (@i_am_aileen) on Feb 9, 2016 during 2:52pm PST

Today, Adalid  works four-hour days on her mixed ventures, permitting her some-more time to suffer luxuries in opposite tools of a world.


For those who would like to follow her footsteps, she advised, “Being constantly on a pierce can hurt anyone’s focus, rhythm, and pace, though I’ve detected that it can be simply solved by doing delayed transport and anticipating a right change to how we do your workflow.”


“It’s excellent to take it easy during a start as we get skills and do proxy work and projects, like volunteering, though during a really core, it’s still best to work your approach towards a grand idea that will give we a some-more fast remote profession.”

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