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Manchester United: Louis outpost Gaal travels to Holland amid conjecture over future

Louis outpost Gaal is enjoying some remit in a Netherlands while conjecture swirls about his destiny in Manchester.

The Reds manager flew home on Sunday for his daughter’s birthday, a outing designed good in allege of a Southampton defeat.

United’s players were given dual days off after Saturday and will go behind in to training on Tuesday to concentration on preparations for a FA Cup tie with Derby.

Following a Southampton defeat, Van Gaal spoke of his frustration during not being means to accommodate believer expectations .

“I’m really unhappy that we can't strech a expectations of a fans,” he said.

“They have – or they had – good expectations of me, and we can't do them, so we am really undone since of that.

“Today, we don’t consider we have entertained a fans, so they can be really angry. But when we have won, afterwards they were not so indignant any more, and that’s football. But now we have mislaid in a final minute…

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“Okay, for a fans it was a bad performance, since we have seen dual teams who were really bustling with a tactics, though they don’t emanate many chances, and that’s because it was a bad match.

“But still, we could have won this match, and we had a feeling we could do that also in a final minutes.

“We wish to be in a tip three, and we’re not in a tip three, and now the competitors have won, so it’s a setback.”


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