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Man travels to Philly after random bachelor celebration entice – WPVI

Fresh off a craft – Joey DiJulio is finally in Philadelphia.

DiJulio flew in city for Amy Lee and Jeff Minetti, who are engaged.

The thing is he’s never met them though how they came to know any other is even some-more intriguing – it all started with a elementary email.

Minetti was formulation his bachelor celebration when he incidentally enclosed DiJulio on a celebration chain.

“I had no suspicion who he was so we started reading by a email and we suspicion it was flattering entertaining,” pronounced DiJulio.

A crony of a husband has a identical final name – he spells his DiGiulio.

DiJulio kept receiving a emails for weeks.

But when a celebration planners asked for a final headcount, that’s when DiJulio fessed adult – revelation that he had been a fly on a internet wall.

Surprisingly, a husband invited him anyway.

“I told him to come – we even invited him to a wedding,” pronounced Minetti.

So DiJulio set adult a GoFundMe page to compensate for his travels from Seattle to Philadelphia.

He usually indispensable $1,200 though he exceeded that.

“When income kept pouring and we suspicion ‘Let’s do something cold for a bride and groom.’ Right now I’m above $8,000 and we’re going to assistance them with their honeymoon,” pronounced DiJulio.

Wearing his bachelor crashing persperate shirt, DiJulio finally met a poetic integrate he trafficked 3,000 miles for.

They greeted him with a Philadelphia tack – Tastycakes.

The strangers are now connected by a elementary mistake in an email.

“I’ve pronounced it so many times – this is a City of Brotherly Love – any and all are welcome,” pronounced Minetti.

“I consider it’s great. We’re totally looking brazen to carrying a smashing weekend. We can’t wait to uncover Joey a city,” pronounced Amy Lee.

As for a thousands of dollars lifted for a integrate all since of a stranger?

“It’s touching, it’s touching,” pronounced Minetti.

The integrate skeleton to use a income to go on a honeymoon to Italy.


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