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Man travels by Richmond in 1300 mile tour for childhood obesity

RICHMOND, Va. — A male who has been walking from South Florida to Washington DC on feet to lift recognition for childhood obesity, done his approach by Richmond Monday.

Dahrnaz Tigner pronounced he is creation a 1300 mile outing for a means that’s nearby and dear to his heart.

Tigner pronounced he wanted to do something to assistance his sister who struggles with childhood obesity. As a approach to help, Tigner pronounced he researched a issue.

“While we was doing my investigate we satisfied how large of a problem is was and we satisfied we only couldn’t do something to enthuse her, we had to enthuse all children struggling,” he said.

Dahrnaz Tigner

Dahrnaz Tigner

He also started a Walk of Hearts to help fight to overcome childhood obesity.

One of his biggest inspirations was First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign.

Tigner pronounced his journey, that started in June, has taken him by mixed states and temperatures from adult to 110 degrees.

He pronounced he’s perceived good feedback from people seeking to holding cinema and seeking to hear his story.

As for a children, Tigner pronounced he believes his travel will help.

“When they see someone walking 1300 miles only for them, they feel as if they can go outward and play for 30 mins of a day,” he said.

“I really wish kids to comprehend they can live a lifestyle they wish as prolonged as they’re peaceful to work tough and play for it.”

Dahrnaz Tigner

Dahrnaz Tigner

One of his brothers, Minnesota Vikings defensive behind Jabari Price assimilated him for a initial partial of a journey. Now his comparison brother, who is a National Guard Reservist, is walking with him.

He pronounced he hopes a First Lady will join him for his final few hundred stairs as he finishes his 1300 mile goal after this week.

If we would like to keep lane of Tigner’s swell or present to his cause, revisit his Facebook page or website.


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