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Man in Ontario raid done ‘martyrdom video,’ designed attack: Canadian police

STRATHROY, Ontario The male killed during a Canadian military raid during his home in Ontario on Wednesday was a believer of Islamic State who was in a final stages of aggressive a vital civic core with a homemade bomb, military pronounced on Thursday.

Police raided a home of Aaron Driver in a tiny city of Strathroy after receiving convincing information, including a “martyrdom video,” from U.S. authorities that he designed what could have been a “dreadful” attack, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said.

Driver died after he detonated an explosve device in a backseat of a cab as military sealed in, a RCMP pronounced during a news discussion in Ottawa. The RCMP had pronounced on Wednesday that he was fatally shot by police, though during Thursday’s news discussion a military could not contend if he died as a outcome of a detonation, or as a outcome of being shot by officers.

“The outcome if we have not been means to detain him, formed on his actions when he was confronted, could have been significantly some-more dreadful,” pronounced Deputy Commissioner Mike Cabana. “It was a competition opposite time.”

The occurrence was a initial confidence exam for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was inaugurated in Oct 2015 and who in Feb over a debate oath to repel Canada from a quarrel goal opposite Islamic State and to boost a goal training internal fighters opposite a organisation in northern Iraq.

The video supposing by a U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation authorised a RCMP to brand Driver and raid his home in Strathroy, about 225 km (140 miles) southwest of Toronto. In Washington, an FBI mouthpiece referred questions to Canadian authorities.

In a video, that was shown during a news conference, a male in a black balaclava cites a word from a Koran, refers to crimes opposite Muslims and pledges an approaching conflict on a Canadian city.

“Oh Canada, we perceived many warnings, we were told many times what would turn of those who quarrel opposite a Islamic State,” a male says in a video, pledging devotion to a belligerent group.

The video indicated that a conflict was designed for a subsequent 72 hours, during rush hour. Police pronounced there was no denote that Driver, a 24-year-old Muslim convert, had any accomplices in his plans.

“If he had gotten out of that chateau before we got there, a unfolding would have finished a lot differently,” pronounced RCMP Assistant Commissioner Jennifer Strachan.

Driver, who also used a alias Harun Abdurahman, was arrested final year for plainly ancillary a belligerent Islamist organisation Islamic State on amicable media.

He had not been charged with a crime. But in Feb he was placed on a assent bond, a justice sequence that limited his movements, compulsory that he stay divided from amicable media and computers and not have hit with Islamic State or identical groups.

Police pronounced during a news discussion that Driver had not been underneath consistent surveillance, though had been monitored.

Strathroy is a city of about 21,000 inhabitants in a heart of Ontario’s farmland. Driver’s residence was on a willing travel lined with isolated two-storey homes, nearby a ball margin and a swimming pool.


Public movement operators in Toronto, Canada’s largest city, were warned by military of intensity confidence threats hours before officers killed Driver, they pronounced on Thursday.

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), that serves a city, and a informal user GO Transit reliable they were contacted by military early on Wednesday.

A deputy from a internal Leo’s Taxi Transportation Ltd. pronounced a cab had been dispatched to Driver’s residence on Wednesday night during a time of a military raid.

The representative, who declined to be identified, pronounced a cab motorist was harmed in a incident, though has given recovered. “He’s jarred adult a bit, though he’s OK,” a deputy said. “It was a shock, right?”

Aaron Driver was a uneasy child who converted to Islam in his teenagers some time before his support for Islamic State captivated a courtesy of Canadian police.

Amarnath Amarasingam, a researcher during Dalhousie University who studies a paths people take towards extremism, pronounced on Twitter that he had perceived an email from Driver on Apr 17 that voiced his compensation with his life.

Amarasingam suggested that a call to movement from an Islamic State orator and new attacks by other sole actors pushed him from holding radical views to behaving on them.

In 2014, Canada was dumbfounded by dual lethal attacks that military pronounced were a work of homegrown radicals and that led to worse new anti-terrorism measures. A gunman killed a infantryman during Ottawa’s inhabitant fight commemorative before rising an conflict on a Canadian Parliament in Oct 2014 while, in a same week, a male ran down dual soldiers in Quebec, murdering one.

Driver had voiced support for a Parliament gunman, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, on Twitter, that was how he initial came to a courtesy of confidence officials.

Driver’s former lawyer, Leonard Tailleur, pronounced he was astounded by a occurrence as he had had an consultant consider Driver and had found no signs of violence, notwithstanding his infrequently impassioned views.

In Mar final year, Canada pronounced it had foiled a tract by a self-proclaimed Islamic State believer to explosve a U.S. consulate and other buildings in Toronto’s financial district.

(Additional stating by Ethan Lou in Toronto, Andrea Hopkins in Ottawa; Writing by Frances Kerry; Editing by Alan Crosby)


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