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Man drags shark out of water, takes cinema on Florida beach

A male was filmed pulling a shark out of a H2O and pinning it down while passersby during a Florida beach stopped to take pictures.

Video of a occurrence shows a shark thrashing nearby a seaside before an misleading male wearing multi-colored float trunks grabs a tail and yanks it onto a sand. The animal continues to onslaught until a male binds it down for a few photos.

The one-and-a-half-minute video ends with a opposite male boring a shark behind toward a H2O where a waves accommodate a shore. Ashleigh Walters, a WPTV contributor who available a video, wrote in a outline that after a video finished a shark was taken into a deeper area where it didn’t resurface for several minutes.

It’s misleading what kind of shark it was, though thousands of blacktip sharks are now in a area as partial of a winter migration, according to a Associated Press.

Walters’ video has garnered tens of thousands of views given it was posted to her Facebook page on Saturday. Comments on a post are separate between critics who contend a animal never should have been dragged to seaside and supporters who call it a run-of-the-mill locate and release.

This video comes after tourists in Argentina caused snub when they private a rare dolphin from a H2O so they could pass it around for selfies. That dolphin finished adult dying, though a predestine of a shark in a Florida video is unclear.


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