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Mailbag: Team USA register decisions, Rick Nash rebound

How about a Team USA register decisions, and is younger blood in a decision-making routine needed? — @ChrisWasselDFS

I didn’t like it when USA Hockey announced a register for Team USA during a World Cup of Hockey 2016, and we have seen why. It built a group to try to improved Team Canada, that was a bad thought from a start. You have to build a group to win a tournament. Yes, that group many expected would have to win opposite Team Canada during some point, though that group has to win opposite other teams too. Team USA wasn’t built to win in this tournament. It didn’t have a calm to improved Team Europe. It didn’t have a ability to improved Team Canada.

In my opinion, we don’t win these tournaments with snarl, grit, jam, grind, etc. All of those components assistance if we also have speed, ability and chemistry. You win these tournaments by permitting a players to play together, to grow together. You win by permitting lines to come together. You win by tying turnovers and by capitalizing on your opponent’s turnovers. You win by personification with a puck and by winning in scoring chances. Team USA has never grown chemistry in a lines since manager John Tortorella has been putting them in a blender during a initial steer of trouble. Team USA has incited over a puck approach too most and hasn’t been means to beget adequate of a forecheck to force turnovers. Team USA has not had postulated possession time. It has not generated adequate peculiarity scoring chances.

Yes, we consider younger blood is indispensable in a decision-making process. Team USA should have left to Stan Bowman instead of permitting him to be a Team North America co-general manager with Peter Chiarelli. Jon Cooper or John Hynes should have been given a event to manager a team. They’re some-more big to how a diversion is played now than Tortorella. Tyler Johnson, Chris Kreider, Justin Faulk and Kevin Shattenkirk should have been on a group in place of Brandon Dubinsky, Justin Abdelkader, Erik Johnson and Jack Johnson.

All that said, USA Hockey still is in a good place. All we have to do is demeanour during Team North America to see what we meant by that. The destiny is there and a destiny is bright. It’s filled with fast, energetic, learned players like Jack Eichel, Johnny Gaudreau, Auston Matthews, Dylan Larkin and Brandon Saad. Seth Jones, Jacob Trouba and Shayne Gostisbehere demeanour like sparkling anchors to a invulnerability in a future. Goalies John Gibson and Connor Hellebuyck are good and usually removing better.

Do we see Rick Nash bouncing behind to being a 30-plus goal-scorer if he stays with a New York Rangers? — @HSkadhauge

I can see it. we don’t see 40-plus, that he had dual seasons ago, though if Nash is healthy, we consider he can and should measure during slightest 30 for a Rangers. He still has a distance and he still knows how to use it. Nash is a hazard any time he decides he wants to play inside a crush marks, in front of a net. When he plays on a inside, he can be as good as they come in a NHL since of his distance and skill. He scored 42 goals dual seasons ago since he played a lot on a inside. He slumped to 15 goals final deteriorate since he didn’t, and since he missed 22 games with an injury. Nash is approach improved than how he played final season. His critics will be out in full force if he gets off to a delayed start. He should be encouraged formed on his opening final season. Get inside, get to a front of a net, and he’ll score. we consider he’ll do it.

Using a initial 15 games as a arguable indicator, how brief is Michel Therrien’s control with a Montreal Canadiens? 5-10? 4-11? What if Montreal starts 1-6? — @Gongfu_Hockey

I wish to contend a control is short, though Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin has been constant to Therrien so far, maybe to a fault, so we consternation if there is even a control on him. The media in Montreal competence be job for a change if a Canadiens get off to a delayed start, though we doubt that will matter too much. Remember, owners Geoff Molson gave Bergevin grant blanche to trade P.K. Subban, a pierce that scarcely incited that city upside down for a small while. we consternation if he would step in and tell Bergevin to make a coaching change. And if Bergevin is constant to Therrien, we consternation if he’d make him a tumble guy. we consider Therrien stays on organisation change in Montreal regardless of a delayed start. But we also don’t consider a Canadiens are going to get off to a terribly delayed start with Carey Price behind in net.

Video: WPG@DAL: Trouba gives a Jets a three-goal lead

What do we consider happens with Jacob Trouba? Does he play left side, go behind to third pair, or get traded? — @rayguarino

I don’t consider a trade is an option, during slightest not yet. He’s too good and too immature for a Winnipeg Jets to give adult on him since of a agreement negotiation. They need to come to an agreement and get him into training stay when he’s finished personification for Team North America during a World Cup.

Last week, we had Trouba on a right side of a third pair, though on articulate to a few people during a World Cup, we found out that Trouba some-more expected is going to pierce to a left side to play with Dustin Byfuglien. Coach Paul Maurice tinkered with that during a finish of final season, and it creates clarity since they need to get Trouba into a tip 4 with Byfuglien, Toby Enstrom and Tyler Myers. we also consider a Jets need to find some power-play time for Trouba, though that’s going to be formidable with Byfuglien and Enstrom, generally if they wish to run dual power-play units featuring one defenseman on each.

Which dual teams do we have entrance out of Group B? — @jayhops74

Team Sweden and Team North America.

I consider Team Sweden will perplex Team North America adequate with a discipline, structure and glorious invulnerability to win their diversion Wednesday. But we also consider Team Finland is going to give Team Russia fits on Thursday and find a approach to win that game. we unequivocally favourite a approach Team Finland played opposite Team Sweden on Tuesday. There is a lot of honour on that team, and it will play good opposite Team Russia. we did not like how Team Russia played opposite Team North America on Monday save for that widen of about 10 mins in a second period, when it scored 4 goals. Team Russia has a ability to do that, though it’ll be harder to do opposite a stingier Team Finland. Team North America will get by on idea differential.

How good do we consider Sebastian Aho will be this deteriorate for a Carolina Hurricanes? — @AwaitingAndrew

He’ll be OK. He’ll have some good moments and some bad moments. He’s immature (20 years old) and skinny (172 pounds). He’ll get pushed around a little, and it will be tough for him. we consider manager Bill Peters competence make him a healthy blemish a few times so he can watch from a press box. But we consider it’ll be a good deteriorate for him too, since it’ll be a training deteriorate with a group on a rise. Patience with Aho will be a key. Carolina has a ability to be patient.

Think a Buffalo Sabres make a playoffs this season? — @sabrethemoment

I done this prophecy final month. Yes, we consider Buffalo is one of 4 teams from a Atlantic Division to get in. we consider it’ll take about 95 points, and a Sabres will be good adequate to get right around that series if their goaltending binds up. They should be improved adult front with Jack Eichel a year comparison and Kyle Okposo in a mix. They have change on defense, that will help. Robin Lehner needs to infer he’s a able No. 1 goalie. If he does, Buffalo gets in. That’s my confidant prophecy of a season.

Will a St. Louis Blues win a Stanley Cup before we die? — @CFN_Intern

I don’t know how aged we are, though for your consequence and a consequence of your desired ones, we wish they do.


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