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Mahmoud Abbas rejects taxation send from Israel

On Sunday, Rolling Stone retracted an essay it published in Nov about a squad rape during a University of Virginia fraternity.

The repository also expelled a news it consecrated from a Columbia Graduate School of Journalism that showed a writer, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, and editors unsuccessful to determine sum and done large other errors, The New York Times reports. The piece, “A Rape on Campus,” was about a immature lady identified as “Jackie,” who told Erdely that in Sep 2012, she was raped by 7 group in a dim room during a frat party. The Columbia news found that a repository unsuccessful in “basic, even slight journalistic practice,” with Erdely not providing a fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi, with enough information for them to respond to Jackie’s accusations. Erdely also quoted Jackie’s recollections of conversations with friends, though did not strech out to pronounce with them independently.

Rolling Stone publisher Jann S. Wenner pronounced Jackie was “a unequivocally consultant fabulist storyteller,” and that Erdely, handling editor Will Dana, and a article’s editor, Sean Woods, will all keep their jobs. Erdely apologized on Sunday to her readers and colleagues, as good as “any victims of passionate attack who might feel aroused as a outcome of my article.”


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