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Mafia 3’s 60 fps patch accessible to download now

I consider 3 updates competence be adequate for Andy’s news article about Mafia 3’s 30 frames-per-second lock, so I’m branch over a uninformed page, needle in hand, to move we a news that a betrothed patch is available to download now. If you’ve not been following this teenager controversy, Mafia 3 launched with a 30fps close on PC, and there are substantially dozens of seething YouTube videos about that. The developers betrothed a patch that would concede 60fps play, and whadda ya know, that patch is here.

You can now play Mafia 3 during 30fps, 60fps, or some crazy fps like 227 if we prefer, as there’s also an “unlimited fps” option. Oh, we wanted some-more fps, so contend a patch notes; here, have all a fps in a world.

“To name your framerate, only conduct to a arrangement menu in-game. Just make certain to tailor a framerate settings to a energy of your machine. This patch also includes improvements to keyboard remapping, so conduct to a controls menu to check out a options. Note: this patch resets keyboard mapping to default, so any changes we done to a controls formerly will need to be customized after installing a patch.”

We’ll move we the examination of Mafia 3 shortly (PC Gamer wasn’t given examination formula in time for a timely review), though for now, have a review of Andy’s impressions of the initial few hours.


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