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Machete-Wielding Man Injures 4 during Ohio Restaurant, Is Killed By Police

A machete-wielding male slashed 4 people clearly during pointless inside a Columbus, Ohio, grill Thursday and a think was after shot passed by police, authorities said.

“There was no rhyme or reason as to who he was going after,” Columbus Police Sgt. Rich Weiner conspicuous of a 6 p.m. uproar during Nazareth Restaurant and Deli.

The think “immediately began overhanging a machete during business and employees” on entering a restaurant, Weiner told NBC associate WCMH.

Patrons threw chairs during a assailant and dual people ran outward and called 911, Weiner said.

The assailant left and gathering off in a white car, and was fatally shot by military during a finish of a military office after officers forced his automobile to a curb, Weiner said.

The think “lunged opposite a hood” of his automobile with a machete and a blade in his hands before he was shot, Weiner said.

A Taser jolt gun was used first, before a think got out of a car, though it was unsuccessful, he added. The male was shot mixed times and was conspicuous passed during a scene, military said.

Four people in a grill were harmed in a attack, Weiner said. One of a harmed was in vicious condition during a internal sanatorium though underwent medicine and is approaching to survive, he said.


The think entered a Mediterranean grill progressing in a evening, spoke to an workman and afterwards returned around 30 to 45 mins after and started a attack, Weiner said. He would not contend what a male conspicuous during that conversation.

“The second time, zero was said,” Weiner said. “He only simply came in and started a attack.”

The grill is routinely packaged on Thursday nights,worker Micki Zakas told NBC associate WCMH.

Zackas arrived during a stage after a mayhem, and conspicuous she was repelled during a uproar since a owners has a “great reputation” and “everybody leaves here with a smile.”

Police conspicuous a ground was still underneath review Thursday, and did not recover a suspect’s identity.

Nobody inside a grill interviewed by officers famous a attacker, Weiner said. The FBI is aiding military in questioning a man’s new past and probable motives.

“Right now there’s zero that leads us to trust that this is anything though only a pointless attack,” Weiner said.


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