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Lyft’s answer to rideshare reserve is befriending your driver

Lyft profiles

While Uber is doing a best to make certain passengers feel protected with a drivers, Lyft usually wants us all to be friends. Next week a new “Lyft profiles” underline is entrance to a app that a association hopes will “humanize” a “ride experience,” sparking conversations and joining passengers and drivers in some-more suggestive ways.

How Lyft profiles works is flattering simple. Once it’s live, you’ll have a choice to fill out a form with your favorite music, your hometown and “other fun facts.” The motorist can share a same information, with a meditative being that you’ll be means to mark identical areas of seductiveness and start adult a conversation, or even usually determine on what song to listen to. In further to a simple profile, we and your motorist can also user Facebook Connect to share your friends list. This won’t incidentally uncover all of your friends to a stranger, though if we do have a crony in common, a app will let we know. Apparently, one in 10 rides would underline a match.

Lyft profiles are optional. You can select to go all-in, usually share your form and not your Facebook friends or omit a underline entirely. It seems like it would really be useful if you’re alone on a prolonged float opposite town, though there are really times when you’ve been operative for 12 hours true and substantially don’t wish to speak about what an extraordinary fluke it is that your motorist knows your second cousin. There’s also something to be pronounced for meaningful some-more about your driver, generally given the issues Uber is carrying abroad.

At launch, a facilities you’ve usually review about are usually entrance to a iOS app, with Android “soon to follow.” Lyft says this is usually a start for profiles, and it’ll be adding some-more facilities over time.

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