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LG teases softened G4 camera lens

The LG G4 will be here before a month is out.

LG’s next-gen flagship smartphone, a G4, is expected to launch on Apr 28. How do we know? It’s simple: LG can’t keep still over a handset.

Last week saw LG phenomenon a phone’s 5.5-inch Quad HD display; Monday, we got a first glance of a UX 4.0 software that will run a show. Today, we’re training about a softened camera lens.

A new YouTube video from LG shows a stirring smartphone with an f/1.8 orifice limit. In short, this means some-more light on a sensor and improved design peculiarity in low-light conditions.

For a consequence of comparison, a Samsung Galaxy S6 packs an f/1.9 lens, while a HTC One M9 offers an f/2.2 lens. Does this meant a improved altogether picture? Not necessarily. Processing algorithms have a bit to do with that. The burst does signal, however, an alleviation over final year’s model.

The LG G4’s full camera details have nonetheless to be confirmed, though it’s rumored to container a 16-megapixel back camera. We competence also design a laser autofocus found in a G3 and this year’s G Flex 2.

Another engaging underline we see in a LG G4 is during slightest an choice for a leather backing. Invitations to a Apr 28 eventuality uncover a handset as carrying what appears to be a leather, or during slightest leatherlike, finish.

It isn’t transparent either a LG G4 will have a healthy leather cover like a Moto X or a mistake things of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Fortunately, all of these unanswered questions should be addressed in a entrance weeks, presumably even before a Apr 28 launch during a rate LG is releasing the secrets.


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