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Leader of ISIS in Afghanistan Killed in US Drone Strike: Pentagon

The Pentagon pronounced Friday that a U.S. worker strike late final month killed a personality of ISIS’s bend in Afghanistan.

Hafiz Sayed Khan was killed in a Jul 26 strike in Nangarhar province, a Pentagon said. Khan was a personality of ISIS’ Khorasan province, a apprehension group’s informal bend that operates in Afghanistan. The “province” also covers Pakistan.

“Khan was famous to directly attend in attacks opposite U.S. and bloc forces, and a actions of his network terrorized Afghans, generally in Nangarhar,” Pentagon emissary press secretary Gordon Trowbridge pronounced in a statement.

Afghanistan’s envoy to Pakistan, Dr. Omar Zakhilwal, progressing pronounced Khan was killed in a worker strike.

Zakhilwal told NBC News that Khan’s comparison commanders and fighters were also killed, citing Afghan forces. He pronounced 23 other ISUS fighters were killed in a worker strike on a devalue in a alpine region. The U.S. troops matter does not embody contend others were killed.

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Khan was formerly a comparison commander with a Taliban in Pakistan, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan or TTP.

Khan and 5 other comparison belligerent commanders quit that organisation in Oct of 2014 and assimilated ISIS. Khan was afterwards done personality of ISIS in Khorasan.

Besides a series of other militant attacks, ISIS had recently claimed shortcoming for the Jul 23 conflict in Kabul in that some-more than 80 people were killed.

It also took credit for a self-murder conflict in a sanatorium in Quetta city of Pakistan’s Balochistan range that killed 70 people, a infancy of them lawyers.

A crush organisation of a Pakistani Taliban, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Jamaatul Ahrar ( TTP-JA) had also claimed a shortcoming for that attack.

Afghan officials only publicly concurred a participation of ISIS in a nation in February. However, fighters have told NBC News about how fighters have been trade their devotion to a Taliban for ISIS’ section in a region.


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