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Land Based Food May Not Be Enough to Save Polar Bears

Polar bears might not be means to rest on land-based food sources to tarry as tellurian warming changes a sea and ice melts, according to a new study. With a warmer temperatures, many of a ice in their medium melts. This in turn, creates it harder for them to entrance their categorical food source, ice seals. Instead, a bears have had to spin to other sources of chase instead, sport in areas that are already dominated by grizzly bears, fixation them in approach foe with this seasoned land-based predator.

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Previous studies have found that frigid bears devour a top lipid diet of any species, interjection to a high fat and enterprising dish that an ice sign provides. Terrestrial food sources for a bears, however, are reduce in fat, and aloft in protein and vegetation. Polar bears can't scrupulously digest plants, and it would be formidable for them to benefit adequate fat from these food sources to survive.

“Although some frigid bears might eat human foods, there is no justification a function is widespread,” coauhor of a new study, Karyn Rode says. “In a regions where human feeding by frigid bears has been documented, frigid bear physique condition and presence rates have declined.”

In this many new study, researchers found that few than 30 particular frigid bears have been seen immoderate bird eggs from any one population, that typicaly operation from 900 to 2,000 individuals. Basically, this function is not common and it is doubtful to have race impacts required to safeguard their survival.

“The reports of human feeding by frigid bears yield critical insights into a ecology of bears on land,” Rode says. “In this paper, we attempted to put those observations into a broader context. Focused investigate will assistance us establish either human dishes could minister to frigid bear nourishment notwithstanding a physiological and nutritive stipulations and a low accessibility of many human food resources. However, a justification so distant suggests that increasing expenditure of human dishes by frigid bears is doubtful to equivalent declines in physique condition and presence ensuing from sea ice loss.”

The commentary go on to uncover that while a frigid bears do in fact benefit some calories from immoderate a some-more human diet, they are doubtful to get a full volume of calories they need to flower and even tarry if they are forced to concentration their sport usually in these areas, due to their inability to hunt their favorite food source on a ice.


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