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Kim Kardashian Shares Story Behind Upgraded Engagement Ring — Plus Find Out Why ‘Adidas’ Was Engraved on It

Kim Kardashian suggested a regretful story behind her upgraded — and now stolen — rendezvous ring only days before she was attacked during gunpoint in Paris on Oct 3.

The Keeping Up With a Kardashians star, 35, told Andy Cohen during The Girls’ Lounge cooking — partial of Advertising Week 2016 — during Pier 60 in NYC on Sep 27 that her husband, Kanye West, bought a ring for her after he sealed his vast Adidas deal. (In June, a Yeezy conform engineer sealed a understanding with Adidas to open Yeezy sell stores; a understanding is estimated to be value billions, according to Forbes.) Hear a darling approach West gave her a ring in a video above!

“My father was unequivocally good … he did warn me … it’s a unequivocally lovable story,” Kardashian told Cohen, 48, when asked about her new $4.5 million 20-carat emerald cut diamond. “So we was sleeping and he woke me adult in a center of a night and said, ‘Babe, babe! we got we something from Adidas.’ And we said, ‘OK, I’ll get a boots in a morning, babe, I’m sleeping.’ … And afterwards he put a Lorraine Schwartz box on my sham … and we woke up! … He said, ‘You know we only did that vast Adidas deal, so we got we something from Adidas.’”

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Kardashian combined that West, 39, also had a ring engraved with “Adidas” on a inside.

The talk resurfaced after 5 thieves stole a ring, along with millions’ value of other jewels, when they raided Kardashian’s Paris unit and hold her during gunpoint. The suspects are still during large.

Diamond consultant Brett Stettner, authority of Stettner Diamond Investments, who has worked with Lorraine Schwartz before, told Us that notwithstanding Kardashian’s ring being engraved with a tracking number, her chances of removing it behind are “slim to none.”

Stettner told Us that a robbers are expected partial of a “sophisticated rapist enterprise, like a Pink Panthers, [who] will know how to mislay a plcae numbers [a.k.a. tracking] from a diamond.”

“When a solid is stolen by worldly thieves, they have their possess people in a underworld who are cutters. The knife is not indispensably concerned with a crime organization, though they are hired to recut a diamond,” Stettner explained. “The thieves would contend their customer wants a opposite figure and to recut a solid to a client’s specifications,” definition a ID series “will be private in a slicing process.”

Kardashian still owns her strange rendezvous ring, that was also designed by Schwartz. Shortly after a occurrence Kardashian jetted out of Paris to NYC. She’s now in Los Angeles. 

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