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Kerri Walsh Jennings, Apr Ross tumble in Rio semifinals





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RIO DE JANEIRO — Kerri Walsh Jennings’ tour to a fourth bullion award is over.

Walsh Jennings and partner Apr Ross fell to Agatha and Barbara of Brazil in a compare played only after midnight on Wednesday morning, losing in true sets (22-20, 21-18) during a beach volleyball track in Copacabana Beach.

A shrill and mostly pro-Brazilian throng packaged a stands for a midnight match, in a showdown that everybody in a beach volleyball universe had been watchful for.

The atmosphere was quite charged after a some-more maestro Brazil beach volleyball group of Larissa and Talita mislaid progressing in a day in a other semifinal. Couple that with a woman’s soccer group descending to Sweden in their semifinal, it felt as if a whole nation’s hopes were roving with Agatha and Barbara. This was their team, personification in their stadium, right on Copacabana Beach, that many Brazilians cruise a devout home of beach volleyball.

The compare began as a contrariety in styles, with Brazil display off their creativity and a Americans relying on a energy of Walsh Jennings to win points. In an engaging strategy, a Brazilians regularly targeted Walsh Jennings with serves early in a first. While during initial Walsh Jennings seemed uncomfortable, she eventually staid in, that set her adult for steady spikes.

The Brazilians stranded with it, though, that paid dividends with a large ace to tie a set during 18-18. After both teams traded indicate after point, a set was finally motionless on a offer down a middle, which Walsh Jennings and Ross both suspicion would cruise out of bounds. It forsaken on a line, and a Brazilians had a 1-0 lead.

Agatha and Barbara came out banishment in a second. A discerning ace, a integrate artistic shots during a net, and dual uninterrupted large blocks by Agatha on Walsh Jennings saw them adult 6-2, and saw a track shaking. The Americans clawed their approach behind quickly, though, and once again a compare staid into a stroke of points being traded, conjunction group means to apart from a competition by some-more than a indicate or two.

The many stirring indicate of a compare came during 13-12 Brazil, when both teams traded diving shot after diving shot, eventually finale in a Brazil leader down a middle. The throng leaped to a feet, and chants of “BRAZIL, BRAZIL” echoed out opposite Copacabana Beach.

The Americans never stopped fighting, though Brazil’s portion — and their creativity during a net — was too much. The set finished 21-18.

Walsh Jennings had never mislaid an Olympic beach volleyball compare before tonight. She and Ross will play in a bronze award compare Wednesday night.


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