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Kashmir: Tortured politics, fractured media – Al Jazeera English

On The Listening Post this week: covering domestic disturbance amidst aroused outbreaks polarised media narratives in Kashmir. Plus, a quarrel to news on Sudan’s lost war.

Kashmir: Tortured politics, fractured media 

Indian-administered Kashmir is saying a misfortune dispute of assault in 6 years. Media groups are abundant in this story – not only between Indian and Pakistani media, though between Kashmiri internal media and self-appointed jingoist Indian media. This is a domestic dispute that has lasted scarcely 70 years and a media narratives are some-more fractured than ever.

Talking us by a story are: Peerzada Ashiq, Kashmir Correspondent, The Hindu; Syeda Afshana, Media Academic, University of Kashmir; Hilal Mir, Editor, Kashmir Reader; Sudhir Chaudhary, Editor in Chief, Zee News.

On a radar:

  • More than 30 online media outlets in Bangladesh have been dangling by a government, and 3 reporters were arrested following allegations of swelling fake rumours of a genocide of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s son, Sajeeb Wazed-Joy.
  • One of a world’s largest media companies – Facebook – has announced it too is fasten a quarrel opposite ad-blocking software.
  • Personal details, including pass information, write numbers and email addresses of some-more than 5000 Ukrainian and general reporters covering a Ukrainian story have been done open by a pro-Kiev website.

The quarrel to cover Sudan’s lost war 

The dispute in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains has been described as a “worst slaughter you’ve never listened of”. Since 2011, a supervision in Khartoum has been during quarrel with a Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North and a dispute is holding a complicated fee on a municipal race in a nearby news blackout. But a fightback is underway with a group of internal reporters dynamic to get their story out. The Listening Post’s Nic Muirhead investigates. 

Contributors: Joseph Nyetu, Reporter, Ayin; Abdalla Rezig, Journalist, Al Mighar Alsyase; Hajooj Kuka, Independent filmmaker; Hussain Hamdi, Government Official; Maowad Rasheed –  Editor, Sudan Vision.

Source: Al Jazeera


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