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Jordanian author on hearing for ‘offensive’ animation shot dead

AMMAN, Jordan — A distinguished and outspoken Jordanian author on Sunday was shot passed in front of a building where he had been on conference for posting a animation deemed descent to Islam on amicable media.

A Jordanian confidence central pronounced a shooter was a former imam, or request leader, during a internal mosque, and pronounced a male had been speedy by his annoy over a animation posted to Facebook by author Nahed Hattar. The sharpened was a latest in a fibre of lethal confidence lapses in Jordan.

Witnesses and military pronounced Hattar, 56, was scheming to enter a building for a conference when a gunman shot him during tighten range.

“He was station during a brief stretch of about one scale (yard) in front of Nahed on a stairs of a Supreme Court,” a declare told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, fearing repercussions. The central Petra News Agency pronounced Hattar was shot 3 times.

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The declare pronounced a shooter, who was immediately arrested, was wearing a prolonged grey dress and prolonged brave evil of regressive Muslims.

Jordanian media, citing unknown officials, identified a shooter as Riad Abdullah, 49, a former imam in northern Hashmi, a bad area in Amman. The reports pronounced Abdullah had recently returned from a outing abroad, though gave no serve details.

The confidence central declined to endorse a suspect’s name. But he pronounced he had confessed to a sharpened and claimed he had acted alone and had no connectors to any belligerent group.

People reason print of Jordanian author Nahed Hattar, who was shot passed in Jordan.


Prosecutors charged a male with intentional murder, committing a lethal militant act and possession of an unlawful weapon. The think was incarcerated for 15 days while a box was referred to a State Security Court.

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The official, vocalization on condition of anonymity since he was not certified to pronounce to a media, pronounced a think pronounced he was speedy by a cartoon, that decorated a bearded man, smoking and in bed with dual women, seeking God to move him booze and cashews. All earthy depictions of God or a Prophet Muhammad, even deferential ones, are banned underneath mainstream Islamic tradition.

Government orator Mohammad Momani cursed a murdering as a “heinous crime.”

“The supervision will strike with an iron palm all those who feat this crime to promote speeches of loathing to a community,” he told a Petra agency.

But supporters of Hattar pronounced they reason a supervision obliged for a shooting, accusing Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki of formulating a antagonistic atmosphere that speedy assault opposite a writer.

“The primary apportion was a initial one who incited opposite Nahed when he systematic his detain and put him on conference for pity a cartoon, and that lighted a open opposite him and led to his killing,” pronounced Saad Hattar, a cousin of a writer.

An ambulance transports a physique of Jordanian author Nahed Hattar to a medical trickery after he was shot passed in Jordan.

An ambulance transports a physique of Jordanian author Nahed Hattar to a medical trickery after he was shot passed in Jordan.


Hattar has prolonged been a argumentative figure in Jordan. Years ago, he claimed that a late King Hussein had arrested and tortured him many times for his vicious papers and vowed not to weep a king, who died in 1999.

While innate a Christian, he deliberate himself an atheist. He was a clever believer of Syrian President Bashar Assad and an outspoken censor of a Islamic State organisation and al-Qaida.

Hattar was incarcerated in Aug after pity a animation on Facebook. Relatives pronounced a animation was meant to illustrate what Hattar noticed as a disfigured eremite views of Islamic State extremists.

The post was fast deleted after many indignant responses. Jordan is an overwhelmingly Muslim and deeply regressive society.

Hattar was quickly incarcerated for dual weeks before he was expelled on bail.

In a statement, a family called on a supervision to reason accountable all those who had incited opposite Hattar.

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A male cleans a blood of distinguished Jordanian author Nahed Hattar Sunday after he was shot passed outward a justice in Amman where he was confronting charges for pity a animation deemed descent to Islam.


“Many fanatics wrote on amicable media job for his murdering and lynching, and a supervision did zero opposite them,” they said.

Jordan is a tighten Western fan and has been mostly spared from a assault engulfing adjacent Syria and Iraq. But a array of new attacks has lifted regard about confidence in a kingdom.

Late final year, a Jordanian military captain non-stop glow on instructors during an general military training core in Jordan’s capital, murdering during slightest 5 people, including dual Americans, before being shot passed by confidence forces. In June, a self-murder automobile explosve conflict nearby a Syrian limit killed 7 Jordanian soldiers.

Hundreds of Jordanians have been condemned to prison, are available conference or are being reason for doubt about links to IS. Under callous anti-terror laws, even fondness or pity a group’s promotion on amicable media can land someone a jail sentence.

But on Sunday, amicable media accounts of distinguished Islamists in Jordan and elsewhere were celebrating Hattar’s death, observant he deserved it for blasphemy.

Anja Wehler-Schoek, proprietor executive of a Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Jordan, pronounced she found a amicable media posts “shocking.” The German substructure promotes democracy and domestic preparation in a region.

“This is clearly a really dim day for Jordan, that has prolonged been distinguished as a indication of pacific co-existence,” she said. “I am really disturbed we are saying a finish of an epoch here and some-more and some-more problems to come in a future.”

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