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Jackson on Manziel: Browns won’t endure certain behavior

INDIANAPOLIS — Hue Jackson knew a doubt was coming. The one about Johnny Manziel.

Maybe that’s because a new manager of a Browns spent a initial five-plus mins of his Wednesday news discussion in filibuster mode, praising a newly reshaped Cleveland front bureau led by Sashi Brown and a fresh-formed coaching staff dynamic to right a ship.

When Jackson finally non-stop it adult to questions, though, Manziel’s name bubbled adult quick, with reporters seeking if a uneasy quarterback would still be on a register come Mar 9.

“I knew that doubt was coming, though we consider we all know and know that we done a matter dual weeks ago about Johnny Manziel and I’m going to mount by that,” Jackson said. “I consider his destiny on a group will be addressed here flattering soon.”

Those of we who review NFL.com already know about Manziel’s future. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported progressing this month that Cleveland will cut the former Heisman Trophy leader when a new joining year begins. 

Manziel remains underneath rapist investigation by Dallas military for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend during an evidence final month.

“I wish to make certain we all know that that function will not be tolerated as we pierce forward,” Jackson said. “And that’s all we wish to contend about it. we wish to leave it during that. Our classification is going to take a stand. And we’re going to pierce on from those kind of situations as we pierce forward.”

Acknowledging that a group has attempted to strech out to Manziel, Jackson finally told scribes: “We’ve talked about Johnny enough.”

Manziel is story in Cleveland, though a Browns haven’t given adult on dangling wideout Josh Gordon. With a receiver opposed for NFL reinstatement, Jackson reliable that he would accommodate with Gordon and confirm if he’s a fit for a group once that becomes a reality.

It all channels behind to burden for Jackson, who used that word regularly Wednesday, observant a players who hang around are “all going to start during zero.”

“I wish guys that have high impression and high football character,” Jackson said. “… Obviously, there’s been some things well-documented about some players here and, again, I’ll take them on a case-by-case basement and see if they fit accurately what it is that I’m articulate about. … But I’m not going to hook on it.”


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