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Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz pulled off flight, systematic to stay in Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO — An profession for dual American swimmers who were taken off a U.S.-bound moody says they will not be authorised to leave Brazil until they yield testimony about a robbery.

Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were streamer home to a United States when authorities stopped them from withdrawal Wednesday. Authorities are still seeking answers about how they got attacked Sunday morning along with teammate Ryan Lochte.

Attorney Sergio Viegas says Conger and Bentz have left a Rio de Janeiro airfield for an vague plcae in Brazil and have nonetheless to testify. The swimmers did not pronounce to reporters on leaving.

The athletes pronounced they were attacked during gunpoint in a cab as they returned to a athletes encampment from a party, several hours after a final Olympic swimming events were held. Police have found small justification so distant to support their accounts.

Conger and Bentz were brought off their craft after a Brazilian decider progressing Wednesday systematic a passports of Lochte and another U.S. teammate, Jimmy Feigen, be seized, restrictive them to a nation as authorities examine their spoliation allegations, yet Lochte says he has returned to a U.S.

Lochte in U.S. as Rio decider orders passports held

Ryan Lochte is reportedly behind in a U.S. as a Brazilian decider systematic that his pass — and that of American swimmer James Feigen — be seized.

  • Lochte: ‘We were fearful we’d get in trouble’

    Ryan Lochte told USA Today Sports on Tuesday that he did not primarily tell a U.S. Olympic Committee he and 3 teammates were attacked during gunpoint in a Rio cab for fear “we’d get in trouble.”

  • Lochte attacked during gunpoint in harrowing holdup

    Ryan Lochte was attacked early Sunday morning along with 3 of his U.S. swimming teammates in Rio by people posing as armed police.

  • The movement comes amid augmenting tragedy between Brazilian authorities and a American swimmers over their criticism of a robbery.

    USOC orator Patrick Sandusky reliable a swimmers were incarcerated though had no other details.

    Representatives from a U.S. consulate arrived during a airfield shortly after a swimmers were held.

    Feigen, who was also benefaction during a purported robbery, remained in Brazil on Wednesday and told USA Today Sports he was “just perplexing to give Brazil what they need or what they wish and get out of here.”

    “It’s a hassle,” Feigen said. “But I’m safe, everything’s fine. Until this goes in a instruction where we can see it, we can’t comment.”

    NBC spoke with Lochte Wednesday night and reported that Lochte pronounced he had left Rio and already returned home as creatively scheduled.

    Lochte backtracked on his initial comments to a network done Sunday, observant a tub of a gun he had pronounced was placed to his front was instead forked in his direction. He also now says a cab wasn’t pulled over though that a swimmers were attacked after creation a stop during a gas station.

    Lochte pronounced when he was interviewed by military about a occurrence that no one had suggested he indispensable to stay in Brazil nor had any officials voiced doubts over his criticism of a robbery, NBC reported.

    The military talk was unequivocally accessible and casual, and most reduction heated than one he went by with military in a U.S. when he reported a home burglary, he said.

    According to The Daily Mail, a prosecutor pronounced a swimmers did not seem jarred and were even personification around in notice video when they returned to a Olympic village. The 4 were also pronounced to have done paradoxical statements to police, The Daily Mail reported.

    Steve Bentz, father of Gunnar Bentz, when reached by phone late Wednesday night, said: “I unequivocally don’t wish to contend anything,” and hung up.

    Lochte’s father had told The Associated Press by phone that his gold-medal-winning son called him after nearing behind in a United States and told him he was going to collect adult his automobile and buy a new wallet to reinstate a one that he pronounced was stolen during a robbery.

    “I’m only happy he’s safe,” Steve Lochte said. “It was an hapless believe for him and a other three. we don’t know what all a debate is. They were fundamentally taken out of a cab and robbed. The categorical thing is he’s unequivocally propitious that he’s protected and that all they got was his money and wallet.”

    Associated Press reporters watchful outward Lochte’s home in North Carolina did not see a 12-time medalist. Lochte’s attorney, Jeff Ostrow, did not immediately lapse messages seeking comment.

    The bureau of Judge Keyla Blank reliable a sequence to seize a swimmers’ passports in a matter Wednesday.

    The USOC pronounced military went to a athletes encampment Wednesday morning to try to collect a passports, though a float group had already changed out. Sandusky declined to contend either Lochte and Feigen were still in a country.

    “As partial of a customary confidence protocol, we do not make contestant transport skeleton open and therefore can't endorse a athletes’ stream location,” Sandusky said. “We will continue to concur with Brazilian authorities.”

    The U.S. State Department released a matter Wednesday enlivening those concerned to concur with Brazilian law enforcement.

    The 4 U.S. swimmers contend they were attacked during gunpoint in a cab Sunday morning as they returned to a athletes encampment from a party, several hours after a final Olympic swimming events were held.

    Police contend they have found small justification to support their accounts and contend a swimmers were incompetent to yield pivotal sum in military interviews.

    “Why would anybody fashion anything?” Steve Lochte said. “It’s only ridiculous.”

    A military central with believe of a review told The Associated Press that military can't find their cab motorist or witnesses to a robbery. The central spoke on condition of anonymity since a review is ongoing.

    Ostrow, Lochte’s attorney, has pronounced there is no doubt a spoliation happened.

    “My opinion is they are perplexing to use Ryan’s conditions to use as a plant to uncover that things down there are not as bad as it looks,” Ostrow told ESPN on Wednesday. “These forms of things have happened with other people, like a New Zealand athlete, though they don’t take half a seductiveness they do with Ryan.

    “If they don’t like a turn of a fact that they’ve gotten from a matter … afterwards call me and we can give them more. Ryan is a plant here. You take one of a Brazilian authorities and put a gun to their conduct on a pointless travel in America in a center of a night and we pledge they wouldn’t be positively accurate with all a details.

    “They can do and contend whatever they wish down there. The fact stays they were attacked during gunpoint.”

    Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.


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