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Jack Conger Among Group of US Swimmers Held Up during Gunpoint

News and records about Montgomery County athletes during a Rio Olympic games

Rockville’s Jack Conger was among a organisation of 4 U.S. swimmers hold adult during gunpoint early Sunday morning in Rio while in a cab that was stopped by people posing as armed military officers, according to a U.S. Olympic Committee.

Conger and a other 3 athletes—including Olympic maestro Ryan Lochte—are protected and auxiliary with authorities, according to a matter put out by a U.S. Olympic Committee Sunday.

The swimmers had left a celebration during a French liberality residence set adult for a Rio games and were on their proceed behind to a athletes’ village. Ileana Lochte, Ryan Lochte’s mom, told USA Today a robbers took a swimmers’ wallets.

Rio is Conger’s initial Olympics. The 21-year-old, a three-time “All Met Swimmer of a Year” during Good Counsel who now swims for a University of Texas,  won bullion as partial of a U.S. 4×200-meter freestyle send team.

After cruising to a new universe record time Friday night in a 800-meter freestyle, Bethesda’s Katie Ledecky finished her Olympics with 4 bullion medals and a china medal.

Now, a 19-year-old will ready to start her beginner year during Stanford, where she skeleton to float for during slightest one year before branch pro.

“I’m usually 19 years aged and we usually unequivocally wish to paint myself and my family and my manager and my teammates,” Ledecky pronounced at a Saturday press conference when asked about a intensity for remunerative publicity deals. “I don’t unequivocally feel like we need to paint something bigger than that right now. we consider down a road, we would adore to be a pro swimmer.”

Some have already incited their courtesy to what Ledecky can do in a 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

U.S. conduct women’s float manager David Marsh told NBC Sports, “I wish that what she does is kind of enlarge her approach,” observant Ledecky could be successful in a 400-meter particular miscellany eventuality that includes breaststroke, backstroke, moth cadence and freestyle.

On Monday, Ledecky joined Michael Phelps on a The Today Show to speak about her week.


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