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Islamic State Frees Hundreds of Yazidis in Iraq

Kurdish confidence officials contend a Islamic State organisation has liberated during slightest 216 members of Iraq’s Yazidi village who had been hold serf for 8 months.

Witnesses contend a handover took place Wednesday in a northern range of Kirkuk. They note that many of a Yazidis are aged and in bad health, yet a peshmerga commander pronounced about 40 children also were freed, according to The Associated Press.

The reason for a recover was not clear.

The mass recover is a second of a kind, after some 200 Yazidis were liberated in Jan by a Islamic State organisation following 5 months in captivity.

Thousands of Yazidis fled final Aug when Islamic State fighters prisoner a northern Iraqi city of Sinjar, nearby a Syrian border, though hundreds were taken captive.

The Islamic State militants have announced many people in their trail to be infidels, though seem to haven a special rage for those of a Yazidi faith. The racial Kurds’ ancient, monotheistic sacrament has links to Zoroastrianism.

In their allege opposite Iraq, a fighters have summarily shot and killed Yazidi men, kidnapped women and girls and boasted of offered them as slaves. Guidelines by a Islamic State organisation fact a forms of passionate and other attack that slaves might be subjected to.

Yazidis have suffered steady bouts of taste over a centuries, in sold by Arab Muslims who mistake their faith.


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