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Is this a world’s best patron service? Mechanic travels 15000 MILES to lift out 10-MINUTE repair

A automechanic took customer service to a new turn by going on a 15,000 mile turn outing from London to Mongolia – to lift out a 10-minute correct with an £87 part.

Dedicated Bentley dilettante William Medcalf took dual flights and afterwards gathering by a dried for some-more than 7 hours to assistance stricken customer Bill Cleyndert.

Mr Cleyndert was holding partial in a Peking to Paris motoring convene when a circle temperament unsuccessful on his 1924 Bentley Super Sports.

He was usually dual days into a tour in China and with no tools accessible his usually wish was Mr Medcalf, who had prepared a automobile forward of a 8,500 mile drive.

After quick sourcing a £87 partial he set off from his bottom in West Sussex to Heathrow Airport , where he took a moody to South Korea.

From there he jumped on another moody to Ulaanbaatar, a collateral of Mongolia, during midnight.

Mechanic William Medcalf's extraordinary outing to correct a car
Mechanic William’s extraordinary outing to correct a car

He afterwards picked adult a 4×4 and set out in representation dim on a nearby 300 mile expostulate by a hazardous roads of Mongolia and into a Gobi Desert.

After reaching their remote stay during 7.30am, he simply private a circle and transposed a temperament in a pursuit durability no some-more than 10 minutes.

Mr Medcalf said: “Bill suffered a behind circle temperament disaster on day two, that left a automobile stationary with a seized behind circle and usually had one shot to get opposite a China Mongolia border.

“If he didn’t get opposite with a other 100 cars he wouldn’t be means to get opposite during all.

“There is 2km of no man’s land, so independently a automobile was towed opposite during walking pace, with a behind circle upheld on a trolley jack into Mongolia.

“Driving in Mongolia is like nowhere else in a world. You have people pushing during a shutting speed of 100mph in a representation dark, with full lamp on and you’re perplexing to expostulate safely.

Bill Cleyndert's Bentley graphic damaged down on a China/Mongolia border
Bill Cleyndert’s Bentley graphic damaged down on a China/Mongolia border

“Then a highway unexpected ends and we are in a dried and we have to find a highway again, always pushing within your headlights. 40mph is about as quick as we can go and it’s utterly an experience.

“We got to within 130km of a camp, that wasn’t unequivocally a campsite during all, usually a place in a dried and we were crawling around boulders during 5mph following a longitude N 45.17293 and embodiment E. 108.43776 with no transparent approach of removing there.”

Bill had a automobile jacked adult and prepared to be worked on and ably assisted William, who has been operative on Bentleys for 22 years.

The happy owner, who runs bespoke seat organisation Bill Cleyndert Company, got behind into a automobile with partner Jacqui Norman and headed off on their adventure.

They finished adult finishing 21st altogether and fourth in their class, winning a European Cup on their approach through.

Bill, 58, from Norfolk, said: “The behind circle wouldn’t rotate. The shining convene mechanics (known as sweeps) stepped in and towed a automobile opposite a limit during 2mph. We afterwards put it on a low loader and ecstatic it to a ‘campsite’.

The Bentley badge
The group finished adult finishing fourth in their class

“It was a drastic bid by William to get to us and within 10 mins we were on a way.

“We had to make a many of it and we finished adult winning a European Cup that started in Poland. The Bentley is a fanciful automobile and it took it in a stride.

“It was a good knowledge and we entirely enjoyed it.”

And interjection to a Nomads who supposing a trolley for transporting a Bentley, a selected automobile is now famous as Dolly.

The Peking to Paris convene is one of a world’s biggest motoring adventures, and but doubt a toughest eventuality of all for pre fight cars, durability 36 days.

Bill and Jacqui started a convene on Jun 12, nearing with Dolly in Paris on Jul 17 and returning to a UK progressing this week.

More than 100 competitors transport by China, Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland before finishing in France.

In total, they cover a towering 8,510 miles a figure done all a some-more extraordinary by a fact some of a cars are roughly 100 years old.


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