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Is Google building a practical existence camera? Job postings might reason a clue.

There’s no longer any doubt that virtual reality is a subsequent large interactive platform, and now it looks like we can supplement Google to a list of companies clamoring to interest an early claim.

That’s a denote some are sketch from a few new Google pursuit postings that seem to be focused on building VR hardware.

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Of course, some of a pursuit postings listed, that were highlighted this weekend by Road to VR, engage Google Cardboard, a low-cost VR device that a series of companies are using to benefit an early toehold in a burgeoning VR space.

But nestled amid a Cardboard pursuit postings is a pursuit listing for “Hardware Engineer, VR Camera Systems.” That doesn’t sound like something you’ll ever see entrance to Cardboard, that is mostly a (by design) cheap, roughly disposable cradle for smartphones to interface with VR apps. No, VR Hardware Engineer sounds like something… different.

The posting goes on to list (albeit vaguely) some of what a hardware operative will work on. “You will rise opto-electro-mechanical complement concepts in and with several Architecture leads before shortening them to schematics,” a pursuit inventory reads. “Then, we see those schematics incited into finished play and are obliged for a initial pierce adult of a hardware with a assistance of embedded Software Engineers.”

google trekker

The Google panaromic camera trek supply for Google Trekker, that captures a 360-degree perspective of locations around a world.

Image: Slamet Riyadi/Associated Press

One other Google pursuit post description, for “Hardware Engineering Technical Lead Manager, Consumer Hardware,” reveals a bit some-more about a company’s consumer VR intentions. “Lead altogether engineering complement formation of high-performance, battery powered, rarely compelled consumer wiring products,” reads a pursuit description.

And nonetheless another Google job posting, for a “Software Engineer, Virtual Reality” states, “We are building novel camera systems to constraint stereo breathtaking video. These camera systems will concede calm producers to emanate extraordinary practical existence experiences.” So formed on those pursuit postings alone, we know that Google is really building a VR camera for use by non-Google employees, and probable something some-more that will expected be mobile.

Given Google’s prolonged knowledge in formulating breathtaking imagery for both Google Street View and a Expeditions practical tours project, it could be that a hunt hulk skeleton to put a VR camera in a hands of millions of users to assistance it some-more quick erect a VR simulacra of a whole world. Crowdsourcing VR imagery sounds really Googlely.

Google is scandalous for operative on all kinds of initial products that competence never see a light of day, though this pursuit posting seems flattering straightforward. If Google “isn’t” operative on a building a VR headset, they certain are meddlesome in meaningful some-more about how such inclination work.

The pierce comes only as news widespread final week that Apple has also been sensitively focusing new efforts on VR, many recently by hiring VR expert Doug Bowman.

What was once seen as a $2 billion play by Facebook with a acquisition of Oculus Rift behind in 2014 is now strictly a trend — VR is hot.

But notwithstanding Google’s irrefutable record competence and low dais of brainpower, a company’s lane record in venturing into wearable interactive tech isn’t a best. Google Glass, a device that was used by some apps for protracted existence (AR) functions, incited out to be a outrageous skip with a public. Now a association appears to be repositioning a device as an craving play rather than a fashionable, smart apparatus it attempted to support it as before.

However, with VR things are a bit different. A VR headset doesn’t need to be select or cold given it’s not an accessory, it’s a apparatus that you’ll many expected use possibly during home or a office. The bar, during slightest in terms of cold points, is most lower. And with a immeasurable trove of apps and games around a Android platform, it wouldn’t take most for Google to precedence itself into a care position with VR only as it starts to take off.

samsung rigging vr

Image: Samsung

Would a Google VR headset be identical to a low-budget Samsung Gear VR, or something closer to a pricey Oculus Rift? Well, if we follow Google’s mania – mobile – that would prove something closer to a Samsung Gear VR. If true, it will be engaging to see only how prolonged a accessible VR partnership between Google and Samsung will last.

On a other hand, if it turns out that Google is only focusing on a VR camera, that’s expected to go over most improved with a partners, as good as competing VR headset makers and users looking for some-more VR calm tools.

It’s also value observant that Google is a vital financier in Magic Leap, a association that, according to my interactions with a company, will shortly margin an protracted existence device that will outperform anything we’ve seen in a past. It’s unfit to tell if Google’s VR hardware aspirations have anything to do with its involvement with Magic Leap, though given VR and AR are such tighten interactive record cousins, a intensity for some arrange of pairing is tough to ignore.

Oh, and one some-more thing. Just over 6 months ago, Google registered GoogleVirtualReality.com. That could be only another intellectual skill insurance move, though it’s some-more expected that it signals a coming, stronger pull into VR by Google.

In a meantime, Google’s subsequent act, corroborated by an early lead in immersive photos and video, could be as one of a leaders of a new VR blast — if a Silicon Valley behemoth can pierce quick enough.

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