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Instagram Launches Layout, Its Own Photo Collage App

Instagram currently announced a entrance of a new focus called Layout, a company’s next standalone origination tool outside of a flagship photo-sharing application. With Layout, Instagram users will be means to quick build collages regulating their mobile photos, that they can afterwards name to share to Instagram, Facebook, or elsewhere.

Collage-making is already a renouned activity on Instagram, a association tells us. One in 5 monthly active users on Instagram use a collage app during slightest once, we’re told. Today, a app stores are filled with utilities that offer this arrange of capability – including apps like Pic Stitch, Pic Collage, InstaCollage, PhotoGrid, and many others. The apps are all identical in inlet – they offer a accumulation of vacant print grids that users can customize with their possess photos, and infrequently discretionary content or stickers.

To Instagram’s credit, it didn’t usually hit off a existent collage-making apps already on a market, though instead attempted to come adult with an app that would urge a knowledge for mobile users.


In Layout, Instagram offers a new take on how collages are built by changing a sequence of a stairs concerned in a process.

“The initial thing we see is a perspective of a Camera Roll,” explains Joshua Dickens, Product Designer during Instagram. “Most apps give we a garland of dull grids. But some-more critical is selecting a photos we wish to share, before we lay them out,” he says.

As we daub to name a photos we wish to use, Layout afterwards presents previews of tradition layouts we can corkscrew by during a tip of a screen. You can name adult to 9 photos regulating Layout, and any time to daub to supplement another, your photo grid options refurbish automatically to simulate a new additions. When you’re finished adding images, we can afterwards crack by a presented options to name a grid we like a best.


Another engaging underline in a collage-building routine is a ability to daub onto a “Faces” symbol during a bottom of a shade to filter your Camera Roll to uncover usually those photos with cinema of people. 90% of photos used in collages have faces in them, Instagram found, so this choice will be useful to those who are stuffing their grids with photos of friends and family, instead of usually cityscapes, objects, or other scenery.

UI-Faces Tab

Photo Booth

There’s also a “Photo Booth” symbol that lets we use Layout to constraint some-more extemporaneous moments. When we daub this button, a app starts a countdown timer and afterwards captures a array of photos that you’ll see seem now in a layout.

Having used a series of a print collage apps in a past, we found that a approach Layout flipped the first few stairs concerned with creation a collage – that is, initial selecting a photos, then selecting a grid – significantly sped adult a formerly time-consuming routine of collage building. For example, we was means to quick emanate a few print collages in a matter of seconds over a weekend – in a center of a six-year old’s pell-mell birthday party, of all places. In a past, a same activity regulating an app like Pic Stitch would have compulsory a lot some-more time and hearing and blunder to find a right grid and a best photos to use. With Layout, however, a routine wasn’t usually quick – though a training bend to reckoning out how all a facilities worked, too, was severely reduced.


Grid Options

Like other collage builders, Layout also allows we to vessel a photos as good as splash and wizz to improved constitute them. Plus we can squeeze a handles of a print to resize it in a grid you’ve chosen, creation it incomparable or smaller in propinquity to a others. A “replace” symbol lets we quick lift adult your Camera Roll again in sequence to barter out photos, that can be finished with usually a tap.

Swapping out photos all takes place on a same screen, too. Some apps I’ve used in a past would cocktail adult a Camera Roll perspective in a possess window, that done it formidable to consider about that print would demeanour right in your current grid option. we elite a approach Layout does this instead.


Layout also offers a few differentiated tools, including a ability to daub buttons that flip images upside down or make photos counterpart any other. This allows for some-more artistic creations, like branch landscape shots into ones with a cold H2O outcome – where a land and sky seems to be reflected into a slick pool, for example. It also offers a approach to do some-more fun, “pop art” character shots, that could offer to piquancy adult selfies or the renouned “outfit of a day” shots many Instagram users post regularly.


When you’re finished with your collage, we can save a print locally, share to Instagram, Facebook, or to other services whose apps we might have commissioned on your iPhone by iOS’s enclosed pity options.

Instagram had been researching a possibilities for an app like Layout given final fall, and a app itself has been in growth over a past few months. Like a video app Hyperlapse, a association built Layout not to beget additional income for a association – there are no in-app purchases for things like some-more print grids or effects, nor will it monetize by ads – though rather to inspire some-more photo-sharing to Instagram by regulating a problems with today’s stream collage apps.

With a entrance of Layout, it appears that a Facebook-owned company, that now sports over 300 million active users monthly, is operative to find ways that concede it to keep a categorical app elementary for a core audience, while also assembly a needs of more advanced users who are in hunt of improved collection for operative with their photos and videos. This fits in with a trend where Instagram has been looking during what other apps people are regulating as companions, and afterwards perplexing to build a functionality itself, infrequently in Instagram’s core product, and other times as standalone apps, as with Hyperlapse.

“A pivotal partial of a Instagram prophesy is about moving creativity,” records John Barnett, Product Manager during Instagram. “Creation should be simple, discerning and fun,” he adds.

Layout is currently an iOS application, though an Android chronicle will be expelled in a months ahead.


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