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Inside a Kardashians’ and Jenner’s History of Security Scares

Kim Kardashian West fell plant to a horrific gunpoint robbery in Paris early Monday morning. And yet a nightmarish occurrence wasn’t reason on camera for her existence show, many of a star’s famous family’s scariest brushes with crime and pranks left badly indeed have been.

Kim in sold has been a aim of several high-profile incidents trimming from simply extraordinary to legitimately criminal.

Just days before this week’s armed robbery, she was a aim of famous luminary prankster Vitalii Sediuk, who attempted to lick a existence star’s behind finish as she stepped out in Paris (days earlier, he’d grabbed indication Gigi Hadidand lifted her off a belligerent in Milan). This time around, Kim did press charges opposite Sediuk, who has formerly come too tighten to stars like Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio and America Ferrera, among others, and who formerly pacifist during Kim in 2014 when she was in Paris for Fashion Week.

And in 2012, she was flour-bombed in 2012 by a lady while walking a red runner during a incense launch eventuality in West Hollywood. “That substantially is a craziest, unexpected, uncanny thing that ever happened to me,” Kardashian told E! News during a time. Though she declined to press charges, a non-criminal battery news was taken by military and a assailant was incarcerated by hotel confidence (and after released).

Kim’s comparison sister Kourtney Kardashian was indeed a initial of a family to have to understanding with gummy fingers in her home, however. In Oct 2009, a star returned home from cooking with then-boyfriend Scott Disick to learn that approximately $108,000 in valuables had been stolen from her Calabasas, California, house in a break-in. Among a blank equipment was selected valuables given to Kourtney by her late father, Robert, and a Cartier watch value roughly $30,000.


In 2014, Kourtney’s Calabasas home was reportedly burglarized again, in February, with a thieves holding $50,000 in money from a property. PEOPLE after reported that military were questioning a couple between this spoliation and a Mar thievery of Khloé Kardashian’s home in a San Fernando Valley. Items reportedly blank in that sold thievery tallied adult to $250,000, many of it in jewelry. There was no sign of forced entry, though, and a home was dull during a time, as Khloé and then-husband Lamar Odom had changed out in Nov 2013.

The subsequent member of a family to have a fan keep adult with them a small too closely was mama Kris Jenner, who came face-to-face with a stalker in her Calabasas home in Dec 2015. The man, who had apparently come to California from Texas by bus, told confidence he had a assembly with Jenner and acted as partial of a organisation redecorating a family’s home for Christmas. The male was indeed escorted to Jenner’s residence by confidence and spoke to her directly before a sheriff’s bureau was called. He was incarcerated and placed on psychiatric hold, and Jenner subsequently dismissed her whole confidence team. “Everyone during a residence was unequivocally dissapoint that confidence didn’t do their pursuit properly,” a source told E! during a time.

Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner


Kylie Jenner was traffic with her possess issues in Dec 2015, too: Police arrested a man in a final week of a month after he attempted to force his approach onto a youngest Jenner’s property. The man, who transient from a trickery where he was being reason after his prior try to mangle into Jenner’s home, was placed on psychiatric reason – he apparently believed that he and Jenner were “soul mates.”

And 2016 has been a flattering severe year to be a Kardashian – or even Kardashian-adjacent. In May, a LAPD responded to a call during Blac Chyna’s home; $200,000 had reportedly been stolen from her safe. And in June, a family’s wardrobe store, DASH, was a aim of an attempted arson: an particular threw a complicated intent by a store’s front window, and when military arrived on a stage on West Hollywood’s Melrose Avenue, they found it “smoldering,” though it unsuccessful to ignite.

Two apart people were arrested this Aug for stalking members of a Jenner family, too. Shavaughn McKenzie pled not guilty to misconduct stalking and trespassing charges associated to his stalking of Kendall Jenner, after he was found watchful in her drive on Aug. 14 (he’d been arrested mixed times before for trespassing on a University of California Los Angeles campus).

Then on Aug. 18, military arrested Christina Elizabeth Bankston on countless charges including hacking one of Kris Jenner’s online accounts, impersonating her former spouse, Caitlyn Jenner, and melancholy around content messages. Prosecutors lay that a stalking dated behind to Mar and Sep 2014.

While there’s small doubt a famous family’s high form leaves them open to confidence risks, it’s clearly they are holding Monday’s occurrence with a pinnacle seriousness: Kim and father Kanye West reunited during their New York City unit accompanied by a cavalcade of security hours after a incident, and a source now tells PEOPLE that West is “very angry” about what happened to his mother and “will apparently be changing a confidence sum from now on.”


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