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In losing gender disposition trial, Pao’s lawyers denied millions in fees

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Former Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers partner Ellen Pao is not a customarily chairman who mislaid when a California jury deserted her claims of gender taste opposite a try collateral firm. Her lawyers also missed out on a payday that could have reached into a millions of dollars.

Pao sought about $16 million in mislaid salary and tens of millions some-more in punitive indemnification in a lawsuit that perplexed Silicon Valley. Had Pao won on any of her claims, underneath California law her authorised team, led by longtime San Francisco practice lawyers Alan Exelrod and Therese Lawless, could have sought all a fees from Kleiner.

Friday’s outcome underscores how unsure trials can be for a lawyers who paint employees, who generally do not check by a hour. They are customarily paid possibly a commission of any settlement, or by seeking fees from a suspect if they win during trial.

Pao’s 2012 lawsuit was only one among several that have been filed opposite Silicon Valley tech companies over gender, and practice lawyers watched a box quite closely, stuffing a seats of a courtroom.

Earlier in March, Lawless filed a apart lawsuit opposite Facebook Inc over allegations an worker was intimately tormented and faced gender discrimination.

A 2013 practice hearing in a same San Francisco Superior Court as a Pao box provides some superintendence about how most her lawyers could have recovered had a outcome left her way.

While a cases are different, a manners for collecting fees would have been identical in a Pao case, that finished on Friday with a jury clearing Kleiner of gender taste and retaliating opposite Pao for suing a firm.

Exelrod and Lawless were not immediately accessible to criticism on fees.

In a 2013 case, a lady who sued a Catholic propagandize for gender and age taste went to hearing for some-more than a month in San Francisco Superior Court. Among several claims, a jury sided with her on an delinquent vacation time claim, and awarded her about $16,000 in damages.

After a outcome her attorney, John McGuinn, told a decider in justice filings that he worked 1,635 hours on a box from his initial assembly with a customer by verdict, and listed his rate during $750 per hour. One of his associates worked 794 hours during $395 per hour.

At those rates, a sum volume for McGuinn’s group would have surfaced $1.5 million, yet he sought reduction since of a slight win. The decider eventually awarded about $618,000 in fees and costs, and a box has been appealed.

McGuinn could not immediately be reached for comment.

Exelrod, Lawless and McGuinn all have likewise prolonged knowledge as worker attorneys in San Francisco. In justice filings, McGuinn pronounced one of Exelrod’s partners has been awarded $775 per hour in another salary case.

Kleiner’s lead counsel Lynne Hermle, of a Orrick Herrington Sutcliffe law firm, billed about $725 per hour in 2011, according to justice filings in a apart case.

The law expected would not concede a try collateral organisation to find attorneys fees from Pao, who has a right to interest a verdict. Kleiner, however, could find payment for costs compared with a lawsuit, such as consultant declare payments, deposition losses and justice filing fees.

A Kleiner mouthpiece declined to criticism on either it would find costs from Pao.

Trials are mostly good constructed multi-media events, with videos, slip presentations and thousands of pages of transcripts, and a Pao box was no exception.

James Brown, who represented a Catholic propagandize during hearing and was not concerned in a Pao case, pronounced costs in a Pao box could be between $100,000 and $200,000, depending on a series of depositions.

(Editing by Peter Henderson and Grant McCool)


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