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Hurricane Matthew rips by Myrtle Beach





From Hilton Head Island to Myrtle Beach, Hurricane Matthew lashed a South Carolina seashore Saturday with torrential rains and floating winds. (Oct. 8)

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — The backside of Hurricane Matthew, still stiffly floating by this beach community Saturday evening, brought as most risk to a segment as a beginning hours of a storm.

The Atlantic Ocean reached high waves about 1:30 p.m. ET, coinciding with Matthew’s arrival. The roiling waters laid rubbish to several piers, including a longest on Myrtle Beach, Springmaid Pier. Only about a tenth of a wooden structure’s 1,060 feet remained after a hurricane’s initial assault.

As high waves receded, officials implemented a 6 p.m. curfew and cautioned residents to stay inside. Much of a risk lay secret underground, where dirt jam-packed with adult to a feet of sleet left trees exposed to being uprooted.

By early evening, dozens of mature trees were down along — and some opposite — Kings Highway, a vital highway that runs together to a seashore in Horry County.

Pines and oaks as thick as write booths had snapped in some areas, while in a Surfside Beach community, 4 vast application poles strung with energy lines leaned precariously divided from Kings Highway.

By late afternoon, puncture dispatchers in that area pronounced they could not respond to calls. It was too dangerous for initial responders.

Officials would not be means to entirely consider repairs until during slightest Sunday, pronounced Brooke Holden, mouthpiece for Horry County Emergency Management.

“There are a lot of energy lines down and it competence seem safe, and we know you’ve listened it again and again, though do not go around barricades. You competence see rags of blue sky, though we are still in a dangerous situation,” she said. “We are putting barricades out and crews are operative constantly. We are doing a best to keep up.”

Officials had discovered several drivers who had attempted to take on high water, she said. No fatalities had been reported by Saturday evening.


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