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HTC Working On A Windows 10 Mobile Device? Microsoft Job Listing Hints At A Yes


A Microsoft pursuit inventory suggests that a association is operative with HTC presumably to hurl out another Windows 10 Mobile-powered smartphone, soon. Is HTC already abandoning Android?
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A Microsoft pursuit inventory hints that HTC could be formulation to make a possess Windows 10 Mobile-powered smartphone.

Originally pushed out in Dec final year, a posting considers HTC as among Microsoft’s third-party phone device partners. This says a Redmond-based association is looking for a Director of Account Management in Taipei, Taiwan, where a phone builder is based. He will be tasked to work with HTC in bringing new Windows 10 Mobile products on a market.

“[T]his chairman will lead all aspects of sales and business growth communication with HTC, one of a tip [third-party] phone device partner accounts,” reads a job posting.

“Impact contingency be driven by comparison executive levels adult to and including CEO turn with a idea to build product portfolio that prominence focused user scenarios around a Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft services total with HTC’s devices, applications and services,” it serve adds.

Is HTC Already Giving Up On Android?

HTC’s initial handsets were powered by Windows Mobile. These phones operation from a HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Pro, HTC Imagio, HTC HD2 and more. HTC afterwards motionless to build Android-powered devices, such as T-Mobile G1 and Nexus One.

Eventually, a phone builder rolled out a Windows chronicle of a One M8 in a United States. While it offers an general various of a phone in some markets, a handset did not benefit traction among fans of Windows devices.

It seems, however, that HTC is not giving adult on Android yet, as it is geared to launch a subsequent flagship phone, a One M10, that happens to run on Google’s handling system, This phone is believed to come out in April.

At a moment, it stays to be seen either or not HTC will still furnish Windows 10 Mobile phones. A news from Softpedia says a recover of such a phone will count on how good a stirring Android flagship will sell commencement this year’s second quarter.

WMPoweruser also believes a pursuit post is an denote that “Microsoft is posterior [its] OEM bulletin with many other Chinese OEM/ODMs, suggesting we have only seen a start of a plenitude of [third party] Windows phones over a subsequent year.”

Time will tell if HTC will recover a Windows 10 Mobile device down a road, generally given a association is still recuperating from a losses.

Last month, Tech Times reported that HTC has net losses of adult to $101 million for a final entertain of final year. While gain showed a slight burst of 20 percent as against to a third entertain since of a A9 handset, a alleviation is still reduce than what it warranted in a same entertain of 2014.


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