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How Credible Are All These Nintendo NX Rumors? We Take A Look


Nintendo’s new NX console is still hidden in mystery, nonetheless early reports and rumors might have suggested distant some-more than Nintendo would like to admit.
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New rumors and leaks surrounding Nintendo’s puzzling new console (code-named a NX) seem to seem daily. While images of ostensible controllers and confidant claims about console sum should always be taken with a pellet of salt, there is good reason to trust that we might already know a substantial volume about what a NX will be means of and even what games we might play on it.

The base of a rumors goes behind to Oct 2015, when a Nintendo obvious for a puzzling new diversion controller was discovered online. It fast caused a sensation. The controller seemed buttonless, with usually dual analog sticks shown. Whereas a customary diversion console controller would have a face lonesome in assorted buttons, a obvious shows a controller that instead has a face transposed with a shade stretching all a approach to edges of a device. The obvious was suggested to have been filed by Nintendo in a summer of 2015.

Without question, a obvious is authentic. So does that meant really that a controller featured in a obvious is a NX controller? Not necessarily. Just since a obvious is filed for a record or invention doesn’t 100 percent meant a association is doing something with that record during that accurate moment.

However, in Nintendo’s case, a obvious matched adult easily with formerly reported sum about Nintendo’s destiny plans. Just before to a find of a patent, The Wall Street Journal reported that Nintendo’s NX would feature a handheld that could be used in and with a console or separately.

When a obvious for a controller featuring a shade that took adult a whole aspect of device seemed online, a pattern for what Nintendo was adult to became clearer. Couple it with a fact that The Japan Times reported in late 2014 that Nintendo would be a initial patron for Sharp’s new free-form arrangement record (which allows for nonrectangular LCD panels) and a pieces were all entrance together.

Assuming afterwards that a obvious does indeed uncover what will be a NX controller, what other rumors about a console might reason water? Recently a video diversion news site Dual Pixels has frequently reported on NX sum supposing by a tipster going by a name of Geno. It is from Geno that a suspicion of a NX controller regulating haptic feedback emerges, among other sum like a console’s graphical power, Bluetooth capabilities and more.

Geno also has supposing news on intensity NX games, including Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Beyond Good and Evil 2. According to a tipster, Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be a NX launch pretension and will be a visible showcase for what a console is means of. Beyond Good and Evil 2, prolonged suspicion dead, is being saved by Nintendo in sell for it being an NX console exclusive. Geno supposing a request associated to Beyond Good and Evil 2 to Dual Pixels, that afterwards common a request with associate video diversion news site Destructoid in an bid to countenance a information contained within it. Destructoid’s possess source was means to compare many of a sum in a request supposing by Geno, adding even some-more flawlessness to a rumor.

Geno has proven scold in a past, providing sum on Microsoft’s IllumiRoom technology, a energy of a PlayStation 4, and Pokémon X and Y long before any central announcements. That lends some credit to a several reports a tipster has had a palm in, nonetheless they are distant from bulletproof.

The many high-profile rumors so distant have dual apart instances of users posting images of what they explain to be NX controllers to Reddit. The initial instance featured an picture of a white controller matching in coming to that of a controller in a Nintendo patent. The shade even displayed an picture of what seemed to be a game.

Internet cybersleuths now got to work. It was detected a picture had clear evidence of being Photoshopped, and that a “game” on a controller’s shade was zero nonetheless a cropped picture from an Unreal Engine 4 tech demo. Turns out they were right. It was all a hoax, as suggested by Idriss2Dev themselves in a video below.

The second instance valid to be distant some-more convincing … for a time. Instead of one image, 3 were posted, alongside a series of sum about a controller. While a controller in a initial trickle and a second trickle looked scarcely identical, a initial was white, this new controller black. No picture was displayed on a controller’s shade in a supposing images, nonetheless they do clearly uncover a controller sporting a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Redditor obliged for a picture uploads claimed to have an NX dev pack and settled that they didn’t trust a controller in doubt to be a final design.

Turns out this controller is also a fake, and was indeed modeled off a initial fake. Whereas a initial controller was a digital mock-up, this one was an elaborate 3D-printed prank.

As shown with a feign controllers, any chairman with a technical expertise and who had been following NX rumors can ridicule adult a controller on their own, possibly with a 3D printer or some considerable Photoshop skills. After Nintendo fans have been burnt twice, it’s going to be extremely tough for any destiny controller “leak” to remonstrate gamers, feign or otherwise.

Before being suggested as a fake, several sources chimed in to supplement their dual cents to a flawlessness debate. Game Informer’s editor-in-chief Andy McNamara tweeted that he had listened a new Nintendo controller would not underline face buttons, nonetheless that he had been incompetent to determine his information. The picture matches adult with what he had heard, nonetheless he went on to contend he had no suspicion if a controller in doubt was genuine or not.

Nintendo Life writer and Did You Know Gaming creator Liam Robertson took to Twitter to news that his source within Nintendo of Europe called a NX controller images “completely fake.” For what it’s worth, it’s rarely puzzled a Nintendo of Europe worker would have reliable to Robertson that a images were real, even if a images in doubt were legitimate. However, in this box Robertson and his source were right.

Perhaps many mysteriously of all, a member of Nintendo’s Treehouse growth organisation even retweeted a NeoGAF thread couple deliberating a intensity controller leak, usually to mislay a chatter after that day. Fans review all kind of definition into a act, nonetheless in hindsight it seems transparent a Nintendo worker knew a images were fake.


With all of a sum and controllers swelling like wildfire opposite a web, one vital doubt still remains: when will a NX launch?

Here, too, rumors can give an suspicion of what to design from Nintendo’s central announcement. In February, a NeoGAF user going by a name Trevelyan9999 posted to a gaming forum what they claimed was Nintendo’s selling budget and product overview for 2016. Included among a list were a series of formerly announced titles, as good as a few different ones. Trevelyan9999 suggested that according to their information, a NX would recover someday in 2016, and that a now in prolongation Legend of Zelda for a Wii U would make a burst to a NX.

It sounded plausible, nonetheless many shrugged it off as nonetheless another rumor. However, as Kotaku would after indicate out, there seemed to be some-more reason to trust Trevelyan9999’s info dump might have indeed been legitimate. In a information supposing by a user was a formula name for a new Pokémon project, patrician “Pokémon Niji.” This was days before a central proclamation of Pokémon Sun and Moon. When Nintendo did rigourously announce a titles, certain images of a game’s trademark sent out to press and featured on Nintendo’s website sported “Niji” in a picture filenames, heading Kotaku to trust that during slightest some of a information supposing by Trevelyan is legitimate.

There are still copiousness of questions that sojourn unanswered. What will a console itself demeanour like, for instance? So many has been done of a controller that no sum about a complement itself have emerged, other than one judgment from Geno in that a NX is pronounced to be a cranky between a 2DS and a Samsung device. Will there be some-more than one form of controller for a console, if a screen-controller is indeed a genuine deal? Perhaps many important, what will a console’s cost indicate be?

At a stream rate NX rumors seem to be drifting around a web, a answers to some of those questions could unofficially come soon. Otherwise, Nintendo fans will simply have to wait until a central NX reveal. When Nintendo does finally uncover a new appurtenance to a world, will fans be repelled by how false early reports and rumors were, or will they be astounded during how many loyal information slipped out? In only a few some-more months we’ll know a answer to that to that, too.


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