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Hospital Charges New Mom Nearly $40 To Hold Her Baby

by @TaraLipinsky

A post-natal sanatorium check posted on Reddit is causing utterly an outrage; after a user forked out she was charged $39.95 to reason her baby after he was born.

Yes, you’re reading that correctly, she was charged to make “skin-to-skin” hit with her newly innate brood for a low, low cost of $39.95! Call now and we’ll chuck in a receiving sweeping and striped hat!

Seriously, a good news here is – it looks like this lady has word and many of a costs are covered.

The bad news? Well, where do we start? Take a gander above a highlighted charge: Delivery C –Section, Quantity 79? 79? What does that even mean? I’m no OB/GYN – though I’m flattering certain she didn’t give birth to 79 babies. Either way, that assign was over 3 grand.

Here’s a thing. When we gave birth, we too, was advantageous adequate to have finish word coverage. we don’t even remember reviewing a bill. So what did a sanatorium assign my word company? Who knows? But it’s no consternation folks can’t means health insurance! Hospitals can assign whatever they want.

Frankly, a above cost that angry me a many was a lactation consultant fee. we would have paid additional for those breast-feeding bullies to leave me alone.

We can grin and get angry over a charge, though let this be a doctrine to us all. Check your medical bills.   And don’t forget to check a comments on this post. Our Canadian friends imprecate a medical system.

Tara Lipinsky  provides her voice over talents to CBS Local Sports Radio Round Up and several Play.it podcasts. She lives in New York for a time being with her daughters, The Foxettes, and her dog Bayou St. John.


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