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Hillary Clinton Medical Records ‘Leaked’?

Claim: Leaked medical annals request that Hillary Clinton exhibits signs of insanity and critical illness.


Example: [Collected around e-mail, Aug 2016]

Hillary Clinton diagnosed with “Complex Partial Seizures” and “early conflict Subcortical Vascular Dementia” as per a minute authored by Lisa R. Bardack, M.D., Chairman of a Department of Medicine, Mount Kisco Medical Group

Origin:On 8 Aug 2016, a new Twitter comment patrician @HillsMedRecords seemed and published what a user behind a comment claimed were leaked medical annals attesting to a bad health of Hillary Clinton.

The comment was quickly deleted by a owner, though screenshots of a supposed annals continued present on Twitter, allegedly display papers prepared by Dr. Lisa Bardack on 5 Feb and 20 Mar 2014:

bardack clinton dementia

According to these purported “medical records,” Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with “early-onset Subcortical Vascular Dementia” in 2013, and successive alloy visits suggested a condition was worsening. Additionally, a annals remarkable that Clinton suffered “intensified Complex Partial Seizures” between 2013 and 2014.

One think aspect of a “leak” was that Dr. Bardack was widely named in genuine press reports as carrying attested to Clinton’s medical aptness to offer as president. On 31 Jul 2015, TIME mentioned Bardack by name in an essay about a minute she had expelled documenting Clinton’s earthy health:

Democratic presidential claimant Hillary Clinton is in “excellent earthy condition,” her alloy pronounced in a letter.

According to Dr. Lisa Bardack, her physician, Clinton, is in good health, now diagnosed with usually hypothyroidism and anniversary pollen allergies. The minute is a initial of a kind to be expelled in a 2016 cycle, and comes as Clinton, 67, has come underneath inspection from some Republicans for her age and questions about her health stemming from a 2012 occurrence in that she suffered from a blood clot and concussion.

Quite conveniently (and suspiciously), Bardack’s name wasn’t distinguished in a news as Clinton’s medicine before to a recover of that letter, and only over a week after her name was used to give credit to “leaked” annals (unusually coincidental timing, to contend a least):


The “leaked” papers seemed rather apparent forgeries, as they didn’t resemble anything like customary medical records, they weren’t printed on any form of letterhead, nor did they embody a doctor’s signature (as if whoever crafted afterwards hadn’t indeed seen a genuine minute from Dr. Bardack and so had zero to imitate). They also exhibited some apparent formatting differences from a central minute released by Dr. Bardack: In a “leaked” papers Bardack is listed as “Chairman of a Department of Medicine, Mount Kisco Medical Group,” while a letterhead of a accurate request references her as “Chair of Internal Medicine[,] Diplomate of a American Board of Internal Medicine.” The “leaked” papers also don’t demeanour like medical records, though rather like a news supposing for functions foreign to a customary medical charting (with no denote to whom or for what purpose such a news competence have been provided).

We contacted a Mount Kisco Medical Group to ask either a displayed papers matched inner formatting of medical annals or reports though were incompetent to immediately strech anyone there who could answer that question. In further to contacting a practice, we also asked doctors to examination a “leaked” annals to establish either they contained apparent signs of phony manifest to physicians (but not indispensably laymen), and they unanimously concluded a papers seem to be forgeries.

Last updated: 10 Aug 2016

Originally published: 10 Aug 2016


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