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Hands-on with a Galaxy Note7: Eyeball scanning is standard

There is maybe no better-selling “enthusiast” or “power-user” smartphone than Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. When it debuted in 2011, it was discharged as absurd by many (myself included). It was too big, we pronounced – too large to hold, “and for what? Who needs this?” many of us barked during a time (how wrong we were). But a Note array became a exile success, and any year, millions of Samsung fans wait a latest iteration.

Last year’s Note, though, might have been a biggest letdown in a Note array yet. It had no microSD slot, no removable battery, and it didn’t even launch in Europe – maybe a vigilance of a Note array entering a wind-down phase. A year later, does a Note still demeanour a smartphone origin in a twilight years? we went hands-on with a phone dual weeks ago to find out.


Left: Note 5, right: Note7

Storage? 64GB is customary (it sounds like 64GB will be a usually US SKU, too). A incomparable 5.7” arrangement provides some-more house than a S7 edge, nonetheless a stylus brings a battery compromise: during 3500mAh, a Note7’s battery is smaller than a S7 edge’s nonetheless powers a incomparable arrangement panel. That could be reduction than ideal, generally deliberation a Snapdragon 820 S7 and corner variants have been well-documented as charity defective battery life compared to their general Exynos counterparts (the Note7 will have a Snapdragon 820 in a US). USB-C, a microSD slot, Gorilla Glass 5, a mint TouchWiz UI (and features), IP68 waterproofing, a redesigned and polished stylus, and Samsung’s toughest aluminum framework yet, though, make it transparent that a Note7 is a no-nonsense high-end smartphone. Oh, and Iris clear is utterly genuine – and it works.


Immediately, picking adult a Note7 creates we consider of a Galaxy S7 and S7 edge: super gentle to hold, a bit slippery, and clearly designed with an absurd spin of pointing and to insanely parsimonious tolerances. Samsung has, in my view, noticeably softened on a S7 edge’s pattern in a Note7. Even a support around a phone is a company’s many durable yet, carrying finished a switch to 7000 array aluminum. The new amalgamate gives it a smoother, softer feel. Samsung has continued to labour a “edge” arrangement potion on a phones, with a Note7 carrying a gentler bend than a Galaxy S7 edge. The steel and potion accommodate roughly flush now along a phone’s straight axis, so a transition is usually vaguely apparent when gliding your finger over a corner of a screen.


People like to speak about Xiaomi and other companies charity “similar” materials and peculiarity to Samsung during a revoke price, but… they’re wrong. It’s a small sum and a large pattern that matter, and Samsung has both passed to rights. No peculiar pointy edges, no severe spots, no disproportionate gaps, and no peculiar proportions, inconsistencies, or fitment issues. (Granted, a whole “inserting a S Pen backward” thing did get by their engineers final year, nonetheless it’s been bound this time.) Samsung’s flourishing knowledge with winding potion and slim pattern shows clearly: a latest phones are a many gentle to reason of any device I’ve ever used, and a Note7 sits atop a pile.


Whether a finish cultured lands with we is wholly subjective. I, for one, find a new Coral Blue shade Samsung is introducing this year to be positively overwhelming in person. It unequivocally is a good color, and Samsung has accented it with a somewhat orange anodization on a aluminum frame. The orange is subtle, nonetheless once we see it? It only works for me. we want all the blue and vaguely-orange phones.


But you’re substantially sleepy of conference me polish elegant about a pattern – let’s speak function. Iris scanner? Yep, it’s real. It works by flashing IR light by a presentation LED and afterwards regulating a dedicated delegate camera that detects IR light to investigate your retina for a match. Because a complement is IR-based, it indeed works best in near-total darkness, nonetheless we found it worked excellent in a well-lit demo room. Samsung does acknowledge that splendid light and reflections can means a complement to be reduction reliable, and eyeglasses and contacts in sold can means issues in unequivocally bright, approach sunlight. But in my time with it, overall, we was repelled during how fast it tended to work. You’ll have to rise some flesh memory about a suitable stretch to reason a phone from your face, nonetheless we consider once we get that function ingrained, this is a reliable, serviceable approach to clear your phone.

Now, is iris clear faster than regulating a fingerprint scanner? In an ideal comparison, no. You have to spin on a shade for possibly underline to spin active, and with a fingerprint scanner, your finger is already on a symbol during that point, so there’s no genuine competition there. And a fingerprint scanner works when you’re not holding a phone (unless we wish to derrick your neck over a phone so it can see your eyes), or when you’re holding it during your side. All this things seems obvious, right? But we feel compelled to only indicate it out, since for as neat as a iris scanner is as a celebration trick, a unsentimental advantages contra a attempted and loyal fingerprint scanner are some-more limited.


The dedicated IR camera sits right-most

What are those unsentimental cases? Using your phone with gloves. When your hands are wet. The other intensity advantage? Enhanced security. Because a complement relies on IR light, rowdiness it with a elementary printout or an picture of a span of eyes is intensely doubtful to work. And we can’t “copy” someone’s iris like we can a fingerprint off a potion or surface, obviously. So a iris scanner theoretically offers improved confidence in some respects (it can be set adult with one eye, if you’re blank one, by a way). It’s also kind of cool, nonetheless we tend to consider I’d tire of it shortly in preference of fingerprints. You can even give a iris scanner UI fun small themed elements in a settings, so we can fake you’re in a Matrix or Dragonball Z or something. It’s a bit bizarre, nonetheless in a arrange of fun and stupid way.


The S Pen has seen changes, too – it’s now thinner and lighter and with a smaller, some-more ball-point like tip. Samsung seems to have claimed any Note to date offers a many paper-like essay knowledge ever, so I’d take all those purported improvements with a pellet of salt. It’s still only a cosmetic stylus with a button, frankly. There’s a new underline that lets we prominence videos on a shade with a coop and afterwards spin them into charcterised GIFs to share. Which, OK.



Rounding out a hardware, a cameras are a same ones you’ll find on a S7 and S7 edge; a same Snapdragon 820 processor (and a same Exynos in markets outward a US), a same discerning charging speed (granted, now around USB-C), a same wireless charging, a same RAM, display, and UFS storage (with twice a capacity). The Note7 is, in many respects, a somewhat updated Galaxy S7 corner from a hardware perspective. You supplement a stylus, a iris scanner setup, 64GB of storage, a somewhat smaller battery, a incomparable display, and a USB-C pier – that’s about it. Samsung will even pacify a pot with possibly a giveaway Gear Fit2 or a 256GB EVO microSD label with any phone (your choice), during slightest here in a US.


On a program side, TouchWiz has perceived a unequivocally estimable visible update. Everything from discerning settings pull-down to a camera app has been touched, and there is a lot some-more white going on in this new UI. To be honest? I’m not a biggest fan formed on my initial experience, nonetheless that might change with some-more use. we indeed didn’t mind a chronicle of TouchWiz Samsung shipped on a Galaxy S7 – this latest renovate feels like an peculiar focus to make.


As for new features, Samsung’s new color-shift mode to revoke a resplendence blue pixels during night works unequivocally well, and it’s sincerely tweakable. There’s a whole new set of functions built around remoteness that concede we to seclude copies of apps (which could be sealed into opposite profiles, for example) behind a secure authentication method, like a iris scanner. You can also use this new complement for files and photos, of course. Such facilities are increasingly common on Chinese smartphones, so it’s engaging to see Samsung collect adult on this now. TouchWiz’s appetite saving facilities have been severely enhanced, even permitting we to revoke a rendered fortitude of a handling complement to save appetite – these new modes are utterly interesting, and offer a spin of customization on appetite expenditure that few phones I’ve ever used do.

DSC03883 DSC03887

I don’t wish this hands-on to spin into a review, so I’m going to hang it adult here. Based on what we saw in my somewhat-brief time with a Note7, we consider Samsung has crafted a winning regulation for fans of a Galaxy Note array – during slightest those not worried by a non-removable battery. Unlike final year’s Note 5, there’s a microSD card, we get water-resistance, and Samsung has finally gotten on house with USB-C. The stylus does seem a bit some-more short-changed than normal this go around in terms of new facilities (Samsung talked a large game, nonetheless we unequivocally don’t see anything engaging about a improvements they’ve made), that is substantially telling: it stays mostly as a bequest underline for those who won’t buy a phone but it. But if we wish a biggest, best phone Samsung has to offer? The Note7 will substantially be it. If you’re not on Team Samsung and are anticipating they’ve finished something to lean we that they didn’t with a S7 or S7 corner (aside from a somewhat incomparable display)? There’s not most else of seductiveness here over those devices.


(And yes: we attempted to hang a coop in backward. It doesn’t go in back anymore.)


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