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Hands-on: Adobe Slate takes another gash during “visual stories”

Adobe usually launched a new iPad app that aims to make anyone feel like a repository editor.

It’s called Adobe Slate, and it offers a approach to crush adult difference and cinema into slick-looking stories for a web. Slate automates things like animations and transitions, and intentionally boundary control over fonts and formatting, so that anyone can make a attractive story with no pattern know-how.

The end-result is a webpage, hosted by Adobe, that automatically formats itself to fit any shade size. (Here’s an example.) Slate is accessible now as a giveaway app for a iPad.

Why this matters: Adobe is following in a footsteps of other new-age display and storytelling apps such as Microsoft Sway, FlowVella, and Haiku Deck, all of that try to automate a kinds of flourishes that once compulsory critical PowerPoint or web programming chops. You give adult control in a process, though a barriers to conceptualizing a discriminating web story are most lower.

So easy, we competence wish it was harder

To get started with Slate, you’ll possibly need to emanate an Adobe comment or pointer in with Facebook. You can afterwards demeanour during some representation stories for inspiration, or dive into creation your own.

You start by formulating a title, that we can afterwards hurl around to one of 9 positions on a screen—it appears as if we are boring it wherever we want, though Slate indeed guides it into pre-set slots formed on where we approach it. You’ll also collect a cover photo. Because Slate stories follow manageable design, we can set a focal indicate on your cover picture to make certain that it crops scrupulously on all devices.

Slide a pretension label upward, and a prompt appears underneath, revelation we to supplement an image, some text, a link, or a grid of photos. Slide adult on this, and we can supplement another story component next your initial one, and another, and another, and so on. The thought is to emanate a straight sequence of print or content blocks, and Slate will automatically make it pretty.

Images can be combined from your Camera Roll, or alien from Creative Cloud, Lightroom, or Dropbox. Additionally, we could take a new print from within a app, or hunt by Adobe’s database of Creative Commons images


It’s dead-simple, though also utterly limited. You can name from a handful of themes to change a whole demeanour of a story, though can’t adjust particular fonts or formats, or even supplement a couple within a incomparable retard of text. (You can, however, place links as standalone buttons.) You can change picture formats so they seem full screen, inline, or as a scrolling “window,” though we can’t supplement borders or openly pierce images around. Video isn’t upheld during all.

Even a edition component is confining. Stories uncover adult during slate.adobe.com, and you’re given a approach couple to your story to share with others. When exporting, we can daub buttons to share your story around Facebook, Twitter, email, or Messages—but we can usually name one choice during a time. You can, however, go behind and republish your Slate story in as many opposite formats as you’d like. You’re given an hide code, too, though usually for your story’s pretension and cover image—which leads viewers behind to a story hosted on Adobe’s website. You can’t horde your whole story on your on website or blog, or hide them within other webpages.

Slate has some intensity as a edition tool, generally deliberation how easy it is to get started. Its built-in themes and pre-set animations make it easy for users to emanate sharp presentations and online flyers but any technical know-how. But but some-more control over how stories demeanour and where they can be published, a interest is substantially going to be limited.

Adobe Slate is an iPad-only app, available now in a App Store for iPads using iOS 8. 


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