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Hailee Steinfeld hides underneath her hood during travels …

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld always keeps a personalised necklace her relatives gave her protected during her journeys.

Hailee Steinfeld never travels but a hooded coupler to censor under.

The 19-year-old actress-and-singer is constantly globetrotting, compelling her work on a china shade and new music, so has to have a flight-friendly habit prepared during all times. One thing she never forgets is a cover adult that allows her to hide in some close eye during her journey.

“When we travel, we always move a coupler with a hood,” she told Us Weekly. “I adore flying, and that’s kind of like my eye facade when it comes to sleeping on a plane. And earphones. Those are my No. 1 things to have.”

Hailee also has copiousness of hair ties in her purse when she’s on a go, as she’s constantly losing them and replacing them.

But some things in her receptacle are a small some-more personal for a star, such as a square of trinket given to her by her parents.

“I have a necklace they bought me for my birthday with my nickname, ‘Haiz,’ on it,” she smiled of a title, that is also a name of her entrance EP. “If I’m not wearing it, it’s in my bag.”

Her bag of choice is a Marc Jacobs knapsack, in that she also fits a likes of a black leather Saint Laurent wallet, sunglasses and a make-up bag. Cosmetics found in there are basics, like substructure by Too Faced, make-up brushes and mascara; all of that are easy to request on a go.

Not one to forget a impulse of her travels, a True Grit beauty keeps an present camera on palm too.

“I lift around my Instax Mini 90 camera,” she shared. “I keep a photos in my wallet so they don’t bend. we have one of me and my whole family and my grandma, that is one of my favourites.”

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