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Google’s Upcoming Virtual Reality Headset Will Be Wireless, No Need For Smartphone Or PC


Google’s stirring wireless practical existence headset is purportedly in a works. With this new VR headset, users will no longer need a smartphone, PC or gaming console for it to yield a VR experience.
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Google is reportedly building a wireless practical existence headset. The some-more modernized form of a company’s card spectator will shortly not rest on a smartphone, PC or gaming console to make it work – this creates it a initial of a kind in a VR field.

The Wall Street Journal, citing a unnamed sources informed with this matter, says that a association is now operative on an all-in-one VR headset that could expected come out before a year ends.

The news says that this Google’s standalone VR headset is directed for “a center ground,” as it will shortly offer peculiarity knowledge yet will not be connected to a pricey mechanism or gaming console.


Specs-wise, this wearable device will come propitious with a screen, outward-facing cameras and high-powered processors underneath a hood that will be granted by an eccentric association named Movidius Inc. The chips will purportedly use a feeds from a cameras to lane a suit of a wearer’s head. As a indicate of comparison, headsets from Oculus Rift now daub a computing energy of connected PCs and make use of outmost cameras in tracking a users’ motion.

Price And Release Date

The report, though, does not go into a sum as to how most this wearable device will cost and when is a tangible recover date.

WSJ records a recover of this device is still not clear, as one of a sources pronounced it is pegged to be unwrapped within a year while one some-more source claims that this subsequent iteration of Google’s VR headset is still in a early stages of development.

Plastic Cardboard Headseat

Apart from this standalone headset a association is reportedly operative on, it is also believed that Google could launch a new smartphone spectator – substantially a purported cosmetic Cardboard headset that is purportedly in a works. This spectator could be denounced during a Google I/O developer discussion in May.

Moreover, a sources pronounced Google is further on a routine of retooling a new chronicle of a Android mobile handling complement to make certain that this new spectator works good with a lot of Android smartphones and to safeguard that these phones will hoop VR devices.

Earlier this month, we reported that with this new non-cardboard VR headset, Google will use extended lenses and sensors along with a new cosmetic surrounding rather than a heavy-duty paper.

What’s more, gossip has it that this device will be allied with a Samsung Gear VR as it could accommodate an Android smartphone to capacitate a VR experience. However, this arriving Google headset is going to work with some-more Android phones, when compared with Samsung’s headset, in a bid to yield VR to some-more people opposite a globe.

In a meantime, final month, a section of a Alphabet Inc. named a initial VR chief, Clay Bavor.

“Since a commencement we’ve been about creation VR accessible for everyone,” pronounced Bavor in a recently hold conference. “We’ll have some some-more to share after in a year.”

At a moment, Google has already sole out some-more than 5 million Cardboard headsets. On tip of that Google Play Store has now available 5,000,000 to 10,000,000 Cardboard app installs.


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