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Google’s My Tracks App Is Dunzo

Bad news for those of we regulating Google’s My Tracks app to keep tabs on your outside activities: It’s going away.

Google will lift a block on a 7-year-old app on Apr 30. After that date, we will no longer be means to lane your activities regulating a app, though we can trade any information we have collected with it. It appears Google has already pulled a app from a Play store.

“We apologize for a nuisance this competence means My Tracks users,” Google wrote. “We’ve done a tough preference to deposit a efforts into other, some-more wide-reaching, mapping projects.”

The Web hulk endorsed switching over to a Google Fit app (pictured) instead. Depending on that facilities we used many in My Tracks, we competence also wish to check out Strava, Endomondo, Map My Run, Map My Hike, GPS Logger for Android, and GPX Viewer, Google said.

Meanwhile, we can trade your My Tracks information to Google Drive or outmost storage. To use Google Drive, only open a app, hold some-more (the symbol with 3 straight circles), afterwards name Settings, and Sync to Google Drive.

If you’d rather trade a information to outmost storage, go to a Main menu, hold more, afterwards press Export all. From there, we can select a record format you’d like to trade it as — possibly KML (which contains locations, markers, photos, and sensor data), GPX (locations and markers though no sensor information like heart rate and cadence), CSV (locations, markers, and sensor data), or TCX (locations, no markers, and some sensor data). After we trade a file, it will be in a /MyTracks folder.

First expelled in 2009, My Tracks let users map and guard their runs, bikes, and hikes, and share that information with friends. The app displayed a user’s speed, elevation, and swell on a map, and sent a information to a Google Docs spreadsheet so users could draft their progress.


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