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Google Glass headset isn’t dead, says Eric Schmidt



Google might have close a path-finder program, though a association is distant from finished with Google Glass, according to Google executive authority Eric Schmidt.

While there have been bumps in a highway in a Explorer program, a record is too critical to scrap, Eric Schmidt pronounced in an talk with a Wall Street Journal on Monday. The Google Glass headset is set to lapse — though in a meantime, it is being done “ready for users.”

Google Glass eyewear is a web-connected headset that allows users to take photos, record footage and entrance apps by voice and gesticulate control. Originally suggested in 2013, a headset has suffered a share of controversy. While Google called a headset users “Explorers,” critics deemed them “glassholes” in propinquity to remoteness concerns — after all, few people suffer carrying a camera focused on them in open — a headset came with a high cost tab of $1500, there was singular accessibility of a device and developers quickly mislaid interest in a Glass ecosystem.

The Explorer program, a intrigue that authorised meddlesome parties to request for a headset, ended abruptly in January. At a time, Google pronounced a module was being sealed so a developers could “focus on what’s entrance next,” and there will be “future versions of Glass when they are ready.”

The Google Glass plan has now changed out of a Google X investigate lab, where a headset was initial developed, and is now a stand-alone section overseen by Tony Fadell, a personality of Google’s Nest connected inclination and Internet of Things (IoT) division. Nest was acquired by Google final year for $3.2 billion.

The Google executive told a publication:

“It is a large and really elemental height for Google. We finished a Explorer module and a press conflated this into us canceling a whole project, that isn’t true. Google is about holding risks and there’s zero about adjusting Glass that suggests we’re finale it.”

In December, reports flush that suggested Google was working on a cheaper version of a headset, that would presumably be powered by an Intel chip and come with longer battery life.

Research organisation IDC estimates that a tellurian marketplace for wearables will enhance to 111.9 million units by 2018, stirred by increasing consumer interest. We are nonetheless to see if Google Glass in any form will be among these devices.

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