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Google announces dual Nexus phones, Android 6.0

Google on Tuesday announced dual new Nexus phones, as approaching — a Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P — that will run a new, some-more means Android 6.0 handling system, also known as Marshmallow.

The phones will underline softened cameras, bigger batteries, an softened fingerprint sensor on a back of a box and power-saving facilities supposing around Marshmallow software. One other critical yet little-known underline of a new OS should offer incomparable confidence to business users and IT managers, analysts said.

Namely, that new underline in Marshmallow puts a ability to apart work and personal apps and services right inside a OS, something that is mostly supposing by phone makers as appendage software.

That capability, called containerization, is not a new concept, yet a accessibility is deliberate critical to businesses to keep workers from improperly pity supportive corporate information around personal email or in other ways. For users, gripping personal photos and other personal information in a apart space creates it easier to classify and safety that data, generally if a workman has to obey a phone to a business for some reason.


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