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Gluck: Cautions lead to wild, indeterminate finish during Fontana

FONTANA, Calif. — The NCAA might have copyright Mar Madness, though college basketball doesn’t have a corner on crazy sports events this month.

Consider Sunday’s NASCAR competition during Auto Club Speedway.

Somehow, Brad Keselowski finished adult in feat lane. Don’t ask him how, since he doesn’t know. But Keselowski won amidst a disharmony of Fontana’s furious restarts and a flurry of waste cautions, that generated stupidity in both a pell-mell clarity and a anger-inducing clarity for some drivers.

“When we win today, we rage that with a trust you’re going to remove one like this,” pronounced Keselowski, who lined adult 18th streamer into a initial overtime green-white-checkered finish. “You’re going to have a widespread automobile one day, and there’s going to come a method of portion events that’s going to cost we a win.

“You’re going to demeanour around and go, ‘How did we lose?’ And you’re going to be unequivocally angry.”

Keselowski was anything though indignant Sunday — it was his initial feat of a deteriorate and initial during a ragged 2-mile oval — though his competitors substantially didn’t feel unequivocally happy on their prolonged flights behind to North Carolina.

In a blink of an eye, a Auto Club 400 went from a tentative Matt Kenseth feat to a probable Kevin Harvick win to a surefire Kurt Busch celebration.

But afterwards zero of them won.

WATCH: Final laps of Auto Club 400

The whole face of a competition was altered by a array of 3 waste cautions in a final 23 laps, and one non-call during a finish.

The initial busted Kenseth’s day. He was heading a competition and came in for a array stop with a rest of a front-runners, afterwards pennyless an spindle and finished 31st.

“We got ourselves in a position unequivocally easily and there’s a waste counsel and we can’t find waste anywhere,” Kenseth said. “I didn’t see any (debris) that counsel or a subsequent one, so that’s always disappointing.”

That put Harvick adult front, though Stewart-Haas Racing teammate Busch got past him on a restart. Busch, who missed a initial 3 races of a deteriorate while dangling for his impasse in an purported domestic attack (he was not charged), was afterwards a lap-and-a-half from feat when NASCAR called for another waste counsel that was not shown on TV.

“WWE,” Busch pronounced on a group radio.

Still, it seemed like it would all work out for Busch. He was initial off array highway with dual tires, and a No. 41 automobile shot out front on a restart and circled a lane out front in hunt of a white flag.

But maybe since a margin had been bunched adult again with varying strategies — including Keselowski’s four-tire call — there was strike behind in a container and a square of Kyle Larson’s automobile flew off, that caused another caution.

“Son of a gun,” Busch said.

This time, Busch’s plan was thwarted. Keselowski’s dual additional uninformed tires were some-more profitable than gold, utterly on NASCAR’s oldest, tire-chewing asphalt.

There was zero Busch could do. Keselowski held him and upheld him on a final path — interjection in partial to NASCAR’s hostility to call a counsel notwithstanding Greg Biffle’s mutilate during a start/finish line.

“I don’t know because a counsel didn’t come out when they’re wrecking on a front straightaway, though whatever,” Busch organisation arch Tony Gibson said.

Sprint Cup Series executive Richard Buck pronounced there were mixed reports of a square of steel in a racing slit — that in a box of Fontana is a whole track. A counsel was called, though a automobile strike a waste before it could be picked up; it was not immediately located after a race.

As for not job a counsel on Biffle’s crash, officials fast dynamic Biffle would be means to get his automobile restarted and out of a approach before a leaders came behind around for a finish (and he did).

Asked if NASCAR takes into comment how most impact one waste counsel can have in triggering a array of events, Buck shook his head.

“We don’t have any favorites; we try to keep each tension out of it,” Buck said. “Safety is No. 1. … We feel very, unequivocally assured about the actions.”

As tantalizing as it is for some fans to believe, swindling is utterly unlikely. But NASCAR’s possess Mar Madness? On Sunday, there was no doubt.

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