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Germanwings crews ‘unfit for service’ due to romantic distress

Yesterday 7 flights were cancelled.

The airline said: “Due to romantic distress, some organisation members are also non-professional for use today. Germanwings understands these circumstances, as organisation members have mislaid dear colleagues in a incident.”

This morning’s moody from perfume to Lisbon was operated by Titan Airways, while a depart from Dusseldorf to Berlin was lonesome by Tuifly. Other aircraft have been franchised in from Air Berlin and Germanwings’ parent, Lufthansa.

Flights to and from Heathrow, Stansted, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow are handling normally.

This morning’s scheduled Germanwings moody from Barcelona to Dusseldorf landed on report during a German airport, yet carrying a opposite moody series – 9441 – from moody 9525 yesterday.

The Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, reliable that 3 British people were aboard a Airbus A320 when it crashed in a French Alps, after a high skirmish from the cruising altitude. It has also been reliable that there were 49 Spanish victims.


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