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Germanwings pile-up co-pilot might have had isolated retina – newspaper

BERLIN (Reuters) – The co-pilot suspected of crashing a newcomer jet in a Alps might have been pang from a isolated retina though investigators are uncertain either his prophesy problems had earthy or psychological causes, a German journal pronounced on Sunday.

Bild am Sonntag also reported how a captain of a Germanwings Airbus had screamed “open a damn door!” to a co-pilot as he attempted to get behind into a sealed cockpit before a jet crashed final Tuesday, murdering all 150 on board.

Another German newspaper, Welt am Sonntag, quoted a comparison questioner as observant a 27-year-old co-pilot Andreas Lubitz “was treated by several neurologists and psychiatrists” and that a series of drugs had been found in his apartment.

Police also detected personal records that showed Lubitz suffered from “severe biased overplay symptoms”, he added.

Lufthansa, a primogenitor association of a bill airline, pronounced a conduit was unknowingly of a psychosomatic or any other illness inspiring Lubitz. “We have no information of a possess on that,” a Lufthansa orator said.

A orator for state prosecutors in Duesseldorf declined to criticism on Sunday on a several media reports, adding there would be no central matter before Monday.

The mass dissemination Bild am Sonntag pronounced investigators had found justification that Lubitz feared losing his eyesight, apparently given of a isolated retina.

However, it was misleading either this was due to an organic disaster or psychosomatic illness, when earthy problems are suspicion to be caused or aggravated by psychological factors such as stress.


Investigators have retrieved cockpit voice recordings from one of a A320 jet’s “black boxes”, that they contend uncover Lubitz sealed himself alone in a cockpit, before causing a jet to pile-up in southern France as it headed to Duesseldorf from Barcelona.

Bild am Sonntag reported that a voice recorder information showed that a locked-out captain pronounced to his co-worker inside a cockpit: “For God’s sake, open a door.”

The commander can afterwards be listened perplexing to pound a doorway down. Even when he yells: “Open a damn door!” Lubitz does not give an answer as passengers’ screams can be listened in a credentials only seconds before a deadly crash, a paper said.

The journal also reported that Lubitz’s girlfriend, a clergyman during a delegate propagandize in a tiny city nearby Duesseldorf, had recently told students she was awaiting a baby.

On Saturday, Bild published an speak with a lady who pronounced she had a attribute with Lubitz in 2014 and that he told her about formulation a fantastic gesticulate so “everyone will know my name and remember it”.


The arch executive of Airbus, that done a aircraft that Lubitz crashed, criticised uninformed experts sounding off about a disaster on radio speak shows and he called for improved slip of a media.

“Some (experts) speculated though any facts, fantasised and lied. That creates a hoax of a victims,” Tom Enders was quoted as observant by Bild am Sonntag.

Airbus has not been in a crosshairs of investigators following a pile-up as justification early on forked to a counsel act by Lubitz, though French investigators warned on Saturday that it was too early to order out other explanations for a crash.

Berlin aims to examination reserve manners for airlines in team-work with a industry. “There are high reserve standards in a aviation sector, though they still need unchanging updating,” Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt told Bild am Sonntag.

Several airlines, including Lufthansa, have altered their manners given a pile-up and now need dual organisation members in a cockpit during all times, a magnitude already imperative in a United States though not in Europe.

(Additional stating by Tom Käckenhoff and Gernot Heller; Writing by Michael Nienaber; modifying by David Stamp and Gareth Jones)


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