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Germanwings co-pilot hid illness, might have only damaged adult with girlfriend

Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz ripped adult a doctor’s note excusing him from work on a day he crashed a swarming newcomer craft into a mountain, according to prosecutors Friday, and was undergoing diagnosis during a German sanatorium where doctors final saw him reduction than 3 weeks ago.

University Hospital Dusseldorf concurred treating Lubitz though discharged as “incorrect” media reports that it was for depression. The trickery refused to contend what Lubitz was being treated for, citing studious confidentiality. 

The sanatorium pronounced Friday that Lubitz visited a hospital for “diagnostic clarifications” in Feb and, many recently, on Mar 10.

Prosecutors in Germany reported Friday that Lubitz was being treated for a medical illness that he hid from his employer. Investigators found torn-up doctor’s notes, including one excusing Lubitz from work on a day of a crash, and other papers in searches during a home of his relatives and during an unit he kept in Dusseldorf. The justification could yield clues as to given he apparently deliberately crashed a Airbus A320 into a French Alps Tuesday morning, murdering all 150 people on board.

Prosecutor’s orator Ralf Herrenbrueck pronounced in a created matter that a doctor’s note for a day of a pile-up “support[s] a stream rough comment that a defunct hid his illness from his employer and colleagues.”

Herrenbrueck pronounced investigators did not find a supposed “Suicide Note” or a minute claiming justification of a domestic or eremite credentials heading adult to a event.

But a papers seized were of a medical content, that indicated “an existent illness and suitable medical treatment,” he said.

Such ill annals from doctors excusing employees from work are common in Germany and released even for teen illnesses.Herrenbrueck didn’t exhibit sum of what illness Lubitz was pang from.

Germanwings, a auxiliary of Lufthansa, pronounced it knew zero about a doctor’s note. “Currently there is media coverage that a co-pilot of Flight 9525 was given a ill note for a day of a collision on Tuesday,” a airline said. “Germanwings declares that a ill note for this day was not submitted to a company.”

The news about a ill annals came as questions were lifted about either a 27-year-old was mentally fit to be during a controls of a comfortless flight–and if a break-up triggered his rapist actions.

On Friday, a German journal Bild, citing military and airline sources, published what it claimed were sum of Lubitz’s medical records. The paper claimed that Lubitz had been designated as “not suitable for flying” by his instructors during Lufthansa’s training propagandize in Arizona around a time that he halted his office of a pilot’s permit in 2009. 

Bild reported that Lubitz spent 18 months receiving psychiatric treatment, was diagnosed with a “severe depressive episode,” and perceived what it called a “special unchanging medical examination.” The news combined that investigators were examining either Lubitz was pang from a “personal life crisis,” including a probability that there were problems in his attribute with his girlfriend. 

The new news came one day after French prosecutors dumbfounded a universe by announcing their end that Lubitz had deliberately crashed a Airbus A320 in a Alps Tuesday morning. In a process, investigators said, Lubitz deliberately sealed a some-more gifted captain out of a cockpit and switched a aircraft’s autopilot to a lowest skirmish environment while ignoring raging calls from atmosphere trade controllers.

Pilot Patrick Sonderheimer frantically attempted to get behind in a cabin. Bild reported a commander attempted to mangle into a cockpit with an axe. 

Late Thursday, investigators private equipment from an unit kept by Lubitz in Dusseldorf, a cursed flight’s designed destination, as good as from a home of his relatives in a city on Montabaur in western Germany. British media reported that Lubitz separate time between a dual addresses and might have common a unit with his girlfriend. The Daily Telegraph reported that during one point, a male was led out of a Montabaur home, accompanied by military who used their jackets to defense him from a watchful media. 

Late Thursday, a Daily Mail quoted a Dusseldorf military orator as observant investigators had found an object that “may be a really poignant clue” in Lubitz’s apartment. The orator did not elaborate on what a object was, though pronounced it had been taken divided for contrast and was not a self-murder note. He added, “we wish it might give some explanations.”

The Bild news might strew new light on a comparatively puzzling duration in Lubitz’s training to turn a pilot. Lufthansa arch executive Carsten Spohr told reporters Thursday that Lubitz had taken a mangle from his training, though did not explain why. 

“He upheld all a successive tests and checks with drifting colors,” Spohr said. “His drifting abilities were flawless.” 

On Thursday, a German repository Der Spiegel quoted friends of Lubitz as observant a commander had taken a mangle from training given of basin and burnout. After completing his training, Lubitz spent an 11-month watchful duration operative as a moody attendant before apropos a co-pilot with Germanwings, Lufthansa’s bill subsidiary, in Sep 2013. Spohr pronounced such a watchful duration is not surprising during Lufthansa.

The authority of a glider bar Lubitz busy as a teen in Montabaur told a Associated Press he deserted a French prosecutors’ conclusion.

“I don’t see how anyone can pull such conclusions before a review is completed,” Klaus Radke said.

Another bar member, Peter Ruecker, who had know Lubitz given his teen years, described him as “happy he had a pursuit with Germanwings and he was doing good … He was really happy. He gave off a good feeling.”

“”He seemed really enthusiastic” about his career, Ruecker added. “I can’t remember anything where something wasn’t right.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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