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Funeral for depressed Shelby officer Tim Brackeen

by: Ken Lemon, Allison Latos
Updated: Sep 17, 2016 – 11:55 PM


SHELBY, N.C. – Family, friends, a military dialect and a village pronounced their final goodbye Friday afternoon to depressed Shelby military officer Tim Brackeen.

Thousands filled Shelby High School’s Keeter Stadium to respect a depressed officer.

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IMAGES: Thousands accumulate for Tim Brackeen’s funeral

Brackeen’s dwindle draped coffin was brought opposite a field, and placed during home plate.

“You respect my hermit by being here,” Brackeen’s hermit Stephen said. “All we have is thankfulness for you.”

Brackeen’s dog, Ciko, was brought in front of a coffin. He laid down to give his final salute to a depressed officer.

Two officers from a Chicago Police Department were among a thousands in a crowd. They flew in Friday to Shelby. They listened about his genocide and came as members of a society of a fallen.

“It was only another startle like removing strike in a chest again,” Chicago military investigator Terry Shields said. “It only knocks we down each time this happens.

During a ceremony, K9 officers brought dogs in front of Brackeen’s coffin to give their final salute to a depressed officer.

Brackeen was a decorated K9 officer.

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory was among a speakers.

“We mislaid a favourite this past week and we need North Carolina and a republic to never forget,” pronounced McCrory.

McCrory also asked a track to mount adult like there during a genuine ball game, and hearten for Brackeen, law coercion and initial responders.

Visitation hold Thursday for Brackeen

For scarcely 4 hours Thursday evening, hundreds of people poured into Bethel Baptist Church in Shelby for a open visitation.  

Among them were few law coercion officers and open servants, who trafficked statewide.

Investigators pronounced 38-year-old Brackeen was shot Saturday while perplexing to offer a aver to consider Irving Fenner Jr. 

He died dual days later.

His father Jim Brackeen fought behind tears Thursday as he explained how unapproachable he is of his son.

“I don’t consider that we could ask for anything some-more than to know my son was a servant,” he said.

“He believed and devoted Christ fully, since of him being a Christian he had a heart to serve.”

On his lapel Jim Brackeen wore a pin that review “heroes live forever.”

He pronounced he purchased it this summer in respect of 3 Baton Rouge officers who were killed in an ambush, withdrawal others injured.

“I only became really harm and impeded that we pierce on with a lives , and here’s a family that will never be a same. we didn’t comprehend I’d be wearing it [the pin] for my son,” Jim Brackeen said.


Brackeen’s body was taken from Charlotte to a Shelby wake home in an romantic homecoming on Tuesday.

Officers from around a area, puncture crews and sum strangers pulled over to respect Brackeen on his final ride.

Irving Fenner Jr., 23, a male indicted of sharpened Brackeen, was arrested during 2:30 a.m. during an unit in Coventry, Rhode Island. A State Bureau of Investigation central pronounced they arrested Deitria Morris Tuesday for appendage to murder.  The SBI also arrested Ashley Hamrick Tuesday for harboring an escapee.

PHOTOS: Shelby military officer shot Saturday

Shelby officers stood, heavy-hearted, with honest stares saluting their associate officer for a final time.

The tone ensure escorted his physique into a wake home.

Brackeen’s father fell into a arms of Shelby officers in an romantic appreciate you.

He afterwards walked by a group, jolt their hands.

Dozens of officers surrounded a family, and Brackeen’s hermit led them in a prayer.

“These group low within their hearts stood subsequent to Tim in a darkest hour that he ever faced,” pronounced a officer’s hermit Steve Brackeen.

He thanked a officers for ancillary his brother.

IMAGES: Memorial grows on cruiser of depressed officer Tim Brackeen

Samantha Morrow pronounced Tim Brackeen responded to a trespassing call during her emporium hours before a shooting.

She overheard him and another officer speak about removing by a shift.

“He was articulate about (how) he got off of work during 4 o’clock that morning, though he didn’t get to,” she said.

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She sealed down her emporium Tuesday, had special T-shirts done and assimilated a hundreds of people along a way route.

Chopper 9 flew over a train that started during a Medical Examiner’s Office in Charlotte.

Scores of people forsaken what they were doing and lined a streets. Some hold flags and waved.

Most didn’t know Brackeen, though they assimilated a military cars and glow trucks during each exit.

They gave their possess salutes and stayed with Brackeen until he reached a final stop.

A tighten crony and priest told Channel 9’s Ken Lemon that a family is operative on skeleton for a commemorative service.

Faith Baptist Church is doing a total ceremony use with Bethal Baptist Church 7 p.m. Wednesday for a Brackeen Family.

A BBQ fundraiser will also be hold Saturday, Sep 17.  Proceeds will advantage a preparation account for Brackeen’s daughter.  The BBQ pick-up will be during a Boiling Springs Police Department.

Authorities in Rhode Island prisoner Fenner Tuesday night.

People in a Shelby village paid their respects to Brackeen, Wednesday. A flourishing commemorative covers Brackeen’s unit automobile that sits out front of a Shelby Police Department.

Most of a flowers, records and balloons are blue around a department.

Corey Short doesn’t live in Shelby, though knew Brackeen in passing. She left his family a note. Short said Brackeen was a good man.

“Always had a grin on his face, we couldn’t ask for zero better,” she said. “I’m blissful they got [the male who shot Brackeen]. we know that that’s a small bit of closure for his wife.”

David Teddy is an profession in Shelby. He’s seen Brackeen in flitting during a Cleveland County Courthouse. With a assistance of his wife, they were perplexing to come adult with something to help Brackeen’s family.

After offered out of homemade ribbons, he submitted an sequence for 10,000 ribbons. His staff put a ribbons together, Wednesday, and delivered them to internal businesses. Each badge goes for $5. Teddy hopes to present $50,000 to Brackeen’s family.

“We know he had a wife, who’s no longer here and a small girl, whose father is no longer here. This is a bid to assistance that family,” he said.

Read messages of support from surrounding agencies below:


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