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From Pedaling to Politics: Meet a Bicycle Shop Owner-Turned-Mayor

Mayor Chris Koos of Normal, Illinois, frequency walks to work. When he’s not using a city as mayor, he’s using a bicycle emporium usually a few blocks from city hall.

Koos started his cycling business scarcely 36 years ago, prolonged before he ran as a claimant in his initial choosing 13 years ago.

As mayor of Normal, race 54,000, Koos is means to separate his time between city gymnasium and Vitesse Cycle Shop.

“Having that duality of roles here, being mayor and being a tiny business owner, we know what tiny businesses need,” pronounced Koos.

On city legislature and after as mayor, he helped to rise a network of 43 miles of paved bicycle trails via a city.

“I always fun that I’m a usually normal mayor in a United States,” Koos said.

He’s also expected a usually vital in a U.S. who also runs a bicycle shop.

In a adjacent city of Bloomington, race 78,000, another mayor proudly pedals a city’s streets.

In further to portion as mayor, Tari Renner teaches domestic scholarship during Illinois Wesleyan University.

He forked out that Bloomington is believed to be a hearth of a state’s Republican Party, following an 1856 debate given by Abraham Lincoln in a town.

However, Renner voiced endangered about a stream Republican claimant for president. “The nastiness and malice is usually shocking,” he said. “It seems that some possibilities even make adult their possess facts.”


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