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Fort Wayne stuns No. 3 Indiana with overtime win on the home court

Fort Wayne pulled off a vital dissapoint over No. 3 Indiana Tuesday night on a Mastodons’ home court, winning 71–68 in overtime to jolt a Hoosiers.

It was a intolerable spin of events for a group that usually a day before had jumped into a tip five of a AP poll, mostly on a behind of a clever season-opening overtime win over then-No. 3 Kansas. The Hoosiers weren’t approaching to have another loyal exam until their Nov. 30 matchup with No. 4 North Carolina.

Indiana came out prosaic from a start, settling for 3 pointers that weren’t descending as Fort Wayne built adult an early nine-point lead. The Hoosiers went on a run to tighten a initial half, slicing a necessity to dual going into halftime, though a Mastodons showed fast in a second verse that their dissapoint bid was serious.

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John Konchar, who finished with 15 points, threw down a span of considerable dunks that helped Fort Wayne take a 12-point lead with 10 mins to play. On a ropes, Indiana roared behind with a 11–1 run, until both teams stalled and a measure remained unresolved during 62–60 for a subsequent 3 minutes. The teams traded three-pointers late, though a Mastodons seemed stymied by a 2–3 section Indiana had switched to and a span of giveaway throws by Thomas Bryant in a final 20 seconds of law sent a diversion to overtime.

The Hoosiers and their high-powered offense entered Tuesday ranked fourth in practiced descent potency on kenpom.com, though they managed usually one margin idea in a additional duration as Fort Wayne’s Xzavier Taylor swatted divided a span of shots to anchor a Mastodon defense. Two giveaway throws by DeAngelo Stewart with 2.9 seconds left iced a dissapoint win, notwithstanding a fact that dual of Fort Wayne’s starters had fouled out.

After scoring 103 in a overtime win over Kansas and averaging 96.7 by their initial 3 games, Indiana managed usually 68 in this one and shot 40.3% from a building and 29.2% (7 of 24) from behind a arc. Eight missed giveaway throws and 15 turnovers were also pivotal in a loss, however it should be remarkable that starting brazen OG Anunoby played usually 13 mins due to an illness, that manager Tom Crean revealed postgame.

The detriment is for certain a reversal to this Indiana team, though it’s critical to remember that it’s usually Nov and that while this Hoosiers group has boatloads of intensity (see: a win over a Jayhawks), it still has copiousness of flourishing to do. A bad Nov detriment could potentially cause in during NCAA contest seeding debates in Mar (as will a Mastodons’ opening a rest of a way), though a best thing this Indiana group can do right now is learn from what went wrong Tuesday and pierce on.

Meanwhile, it’s tough to quantify how most a win, and even a diversion itself, meant to Fort Wayne, a preseason Summit League favorites though a module that had never beaten a tip 25 group before Tuesday and has never done a Division we NCAA tournament. The diversion was played on a Fort Wayne campus, about 3 hours north of Bloomington, though according to multiple reporters a sold-out throng had so many Hoosiers fans on palm that a atmosphere felt like a home diversion for Indiana. In a good impulse after his team’s victory, Fort Wayne manager Jon Coffman expressed thankfulness to Crean for scheduling a diversion and “taking a challenge.”

“They’ll be articulate about Indiana entrance to Fort Wayne for a subsequent 50 years, and he was a reason they did it.”


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