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Former NFL actor indicted in Ponzi scheme

Former NFL actor Will Allen and a business associate ran a Ponzi intrigue that bilked investors in an supposed rascal formed on loans to pro athletes who were brief of cash, a sovereign regulator pronounced Tuesday.

Allen, Susan Daub and their Capital Financial Partners firms lifted some-more than $31 million from investors who were betrothed annual seductiveness rates as high as 18% on a loans, a Securities and Exchange Commission pronounced in unsealing a federal rascal complaint.

The operation allegedly lifted approximately $31.7 million from during slightest 40 investors from Jul 2012 by Feb 2015. But Capital Financial modernized approximately $18 million to athletes during that time, a SEC charged.

As a result, Allen and Daub took in approximately $13.7 million some-more than they indeed loaned to athletes during a scarcely three-year span, a SEC said.

The dual allegedly withdrew some-more than $7 million of investors’ income to compensate personal expenses, including charges during casinos and nightclubs, or to account other business ventures.

Investors were mostly led to trust their investments were corroborated by a agreement of a specific athlete, a SEC charged. While some loans were genuine, during slightest one allegedly was fake.

At slightest 24 investors put adult some-more than $4 million in Apr 2014-May 2014 to account a supposed $5.65 million loan to an NHL player, according to a SEC complaint. However, a loan valid to be a “sham,” a censure alleged.

Investors were told all payments on a loan had been done in full and on time, even yet a NHL actor filed for failure justice insurance in Oct 2014, a SEC charged.

In all, Capital Financial paid approximately $20 million to investors, even as a company, Allen and Daub perceived approximately $13.2 million from in loan repayments from a athletes. To fill a scarcely $7 million gap, Allen and Daub used income from some investors to compensate others, a SEC charged.

“In short, besides regulating rascal to obtain a investors’ money, Allen and Daub are handling a Ponzi scheme,” a SEC supposed in a 15-page sovereign justice censure filed Apr 1 in Boston. U.S. District Judge Indira Talwani authorized a solidify of a defendants’ resources on a day of a filing.

According to a SEC’s justice complaint, Allen, 36, is a former NFL cornerback who played for a New York Giants and Miami Dolphins between 2001 and 2012. He was sealed by a New England Patriots in 2012 though was after placed on harmed haven and eventually finished his pro career in 2013.

Allen is a owner of a 3 Capital Financial firms charged in a SEC complaint, as good as 4 service defendants.

Daub, 54, is a co-founder of a 3 Capital Financial defendants and dual of a service defendants. She was purebred with a SEC as a deputy of several broker-dealers and investment advisers before her impasse with Capital Financial.

The SEC is seeking a justice sequence requiring a defendants to lapse supposed ill-gotten gains with seductiveness and compensate polite financial penalties.

There was no answer during a phone listed during Allen’s home in Davie, Fla., Tuesday. The phone during Daub’s Coral Springs, Fla. home has been disconnected. There was no evident response to a summary left during Capital Financial’s Boston office, and a SEC did not have information about invulnerability attorneys in a case.


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