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Former Alaska contributor faces 54 years in jail for pot club

(NEWSER) — Charlo Greene made headlines in 2014 when a afterwards 26-year-old memorably quit her TV stating gig on atmosphere while announcing her goal to pull for a legalization of pot in Alaska: She said, “F— it, we quit,” before walking out of view. But as the Guardian reports, her indirect off-screen predicament has been mostly ignored, even yet she faces some-more than a half-century in prison. That’s given Greene, whose authorised name is Charlene Egbe, isn’t only a cannabis disciple yet a owners of a Alaska Cannabis Club, that she combined on Apr 20, 2014, a full 6 months before Alaska voted to legalize a adult use of cannabis. In other words, she was receiving “donations” for pot by bar “memberships” before it was authorised to do so.

Police raided a bar twice and detectives done several clandestine purchases, and yet Greene wasn’t directly concerned in them, state prosecutors are charging her given a bar is purebred underneath her name. She’s pleaded not guilty to charges of “misconduct involving a tranquil substance,” and a strange complaint listed 8 offenses that amounted to a probable 24 years in jail. The Guardian broke a news to Greene that 6 offenses have given been added, lifting a sum to 54 years. In the Weed Blog, Greene calls this a “modern-day lynching,” and tells High Times that she hopes a cannabis village rallies behind her. “I need assistance some-more than ever,” she says. “Now that we could remove a rest of my life given of cannabis, it feels like a people we fought for have deserted me.” (Alaskans can’t smoke weed in public.)

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