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Florence + a Machine Travels Through Hell in Dreamy ‘St. Jude’ Video

by Jocelyn Vena

Florence Welch is looking unhappy in a Dante-inspired video for Florence + a Machine‘s “St. Jude.”

The video opens with a lady (presumably Welch) topless and wearing jeans in a woods. Next a unreal visible cuts to a thespian in a arms of her lover, shower wet. After he retreats, she heads out into a universe and stumbles on several characters, including one male who wonders because she’s roving by herself. Her answer is found in a track’s lyrics.

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As a video nears it end, Welch stands in a field, arms stretched out before she falls to a ground.

“St. Jude” is taken from Florence’s arriving How Big How Blue How Beautiful manuscript recover set for Jun 2. The video was destined by Vincent Haycock and is apparently a supplement to a visible “What Kind of Man,” also from a same Jun release.

“It’s apparently about relationships, though it’s also about Florence roving by a chronicle of a Divine Comedy,” a executive pronounced in a statement, around Pitchfork. He adds that this sold visible shows Florence in “the initial covering of Hell.”


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