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FACT CHECK: Gov. McCrory’s Claims On Teacher Pay

Governor Pat McCrory has finished a arise of clergyman compensate a centerpiece of his bid for reelection. The picture above shows a ceiling stand in normal clergyman salaries given a 2013-2014 propagandize year. It has seemed behind a administrator during open events, including a signing of a 2016-2017 state budget.

A discerning peek during a picture might lead one to trust that clergyman salaries have finished zero though go adult given McCrory took office. But that’s not wholly true. 

A WUNC fact-check reveals North Carolina’s clergyman compensate went down after a initial bill a administrator sealed — before it began a expansion a governor’s debate mostly highlights.

Below, we’ve overlaid a debate picture with a governor’s start date, that is not enclosed in a strange image.

It is also not wholly accurate to contend that under McCrory, North Carolina has had a fastest expansion in clergyman compensate in a nation, as his bureau touted in this press release:

“Under Governor McCrory’s  leadership, North Carolina clergyman compensate has increasing faster than any other state in a country,” Senior Education Advisor Catherine Truitt is quoted as observant in a May release.

The contribution uncover North Carolina has grown a fastest in a republic given McCrory sealed his second budget as governor, though not over his whole term.

If we demeanour over a governor’s entire term, from Jan. 5, 2013 to a finish of final propagandize year, a state has had the 13th fastest expansion in pay, during usually underneath 5 percent. Vermont had a fastest expansion in a republic over that time period, during 12 percent.

Looking forward to subsequent year, a latest bill a administrator sealed should pierce normal clergyman compensate to $50,150—a 10 percent boost over his full term. WUNC reached out to McCrory’s office for criticism though did not get a response. 

Timeline of normal clergyman compensate underneath McCrory

McCrory’s first budget—teacher compensate declines

McCrory took bureau on Jan 5, 2013, in a center of a 2012-2013 propagandize year. Average clergyman compensate that year was $45,737.

In Aug of 2013, Governor McCrory signed a 2013-2014 budget, that did not give teachers raises and finished compensate for master’s degrees. Average clergyman compensate went down to $44,990—an eight-year low. The governor’s bureau wanting this $747 decrease in normal compensate when it made the claim that under McCrory, North Carolina has had a nation’s fastest growth.

McCrory signs a 2014-2015 budgetupward expansion begins

The ceiling stand in clergyman compensate began with a second bill McCrory signed: a 2014-2015 budget. Since McCrory sealed that bill in Aug 2014, North Carolina has had a fastest expansion in normal clergyman compensate of any state, during 7 percent. The expansion can be attributed to a two-year devise McCrory championed to boost starting clergyman compensate from $33,000 to $35,000 a year.

In a 2014-2015 budget, teachers with reduction than 5 years of knowledge got a initial half of a vast compensate increase.

It was also a initial year given 2008 that teachers changed adult on their “steps” built into a income schedule. Teachers got a “step” adult in compensate if they entered their fifth, tenth, fifteenth, twentieth or twenty-fifth year.

Other gifted teachers got minimal increases, though those were infrequently equivalent by a detriment of “longevity pay” — bonuses of 1.5 to 4 percent paid to teachers with some-more than 10 years of experience.

McCrory signs a 2015-2016 budgetgrowth levels off

In a 2015-2016 propagandize year, teachers got their stairs in a income schedule, though usually commencement teachers got additional raises. Growth in 2015-2016 was among a lowest in a country, during 0.35 percent.

So, while a state did have a nation’s largest gains from Aug 2014 to May 2016, roughly all that expansion happened as a outcome of a compensate raises installed into a 2014-2015 budget, and many of it has usually been seen by commencement teachers.

Growing fast, though out of a low hole

The new expansion in clergyman salaries changed North Carolina from a 2013-2014 low indicate of 47th in a republic to 41st by a finish of final propagandize year. The increases scheduled to take outcome subsequent year should pierce normal clergyman compensate to $50,150—a 10 percent boost given McCrory was sworn in. But that figure is still distant behind a inhabitant average, that was some-more than $58,000 final propagandize year.

Like other states in a southeast, North Carolina has trailed a nation’s normal given during slightest 1999. But between 1999 and 2001, underneath Democratic Governor Jim Hunt, a state sealed a opening to usually a integrate thousand dollars.

The opening began to dilate in 2002 after Hunt left office. 

Then a retrogression hit. In 2009 a Democratic-led legislature froze teachers’ salaries. Republican lawmakers kept salaries solidified when they took control of a General Assembly in 2011. Teachers perceived no poignant compensate raises and no step increases for 4 years. That sent North Carolina’s normal income down, while a inhabitant normal and a southeastern normal continued to stand (after a slight dip).

Beginning with a 2014-2015 propagandize year, clergyman salaries started to arise again, though sojourn among a bottom states in inhabitant rankings.

Looking ahead

The 2016-2017 bill gives teachers their step increases (on a new schedule) and additional raises trimming from 2 to 8 percent, with many of a incomparable raises targeting mid-career teachers. It should boost a state’s normal clergyman compensate by 4 percent given final year and 10 percent given McCrory took office. Based on research from a North Carolina Public School Forum, a raises could pull North Carolina above a Southeast normal for a initial time given a 2007-2008 propagandize year.

However, North Carolina will still route a inhabitant average.

In an email, a governor’s press secretary Graham Wilson remarkable a latest budget McCrory signed includes denunciation signaling an vigilant to serve boost clergyman compensate over a subsequent several years.

“The Governor stays meddlesome in differentiated compensate for modernized clergyman roles, opening and other ways to prerogative a teachers for a purpose they play in a classroom,” he wrote.


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